Dr Weibin Li

Associate Professor Weibin Li
Physics and Astronomy 

Expertise summary

Dr. Weibin Li has worked on a number of topics in atomic, molecular and optical physics, including light-matter interactions, Rydberg atoms and ions, ultralong range Rydberg molecules, and quantum information and simulation with cold atoms. Currently, his research focuses on creation and manipulation of strongly correlated states of light and cold matter. Visit www.cap-theory.org for more details.

Research group: Correlated atoms and photons group, Condensed Matter Theory division.

University links: Durham University, East China Normal University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Shanxi University.

More information can be found on Dr Li's webpage.

Consultancy and Research:  Dr Li is happy to explore opportunities to undertake consultancy and research work with external organisations.


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