Professor Richard Emes

Professor Richard Emes 
School of Veterinary Medicine and Science
Director of the Advanced Data Analysis Centre (ADAC)
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Understanding the evolution of complex systems and the generation of disease by using bioinformatics — a cohesive discipline being together computer science statistics and biology. How nutritional status during pregnancy can affect chemical modifications of DNA and potential future diseases. Comparative genomics and evolution of the brain. How the post-synaptic proteome, a group of proteins which play a significant part in learning and memory, affect the development and evolution of the synapse, the basic building clock of cognition. Evolution of drug-resistance in parasitic organisms.

Previous examples of media work include:

Brain size 'not key to intellect' - BBC News 9/6/2008

New theory for evolution of brain power - NHS Choices 9/6/2008

Fact or fiction: When it comes to intelligence, does brain size matter? - Scientific American 14/4/2009

Brain size linked to longevity - The DANA Foundation 8/11/2010

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