Keith Campbell - Book of Condolence

Professor Keith Campbell 1954-2012

It is with great regret that we announce that Professor Keith Campbell died on 5th October 2012, at the age of 58.

Professor Campbell, an internationally renowned scientist, was instrumental in the creation of Dolly the Sheep, the first cloned mammal, a breakthrough which paved the way for the successful cloning of many other mammal species. He was known around the world for his pioneering work and was jointly awarded the Shaw Prize for Life Science and Medicine – one of the most prestigious scientific accolades in the world – in 2008.

Funeral arrangements

Professor Campbell’s funeral has been arranged for 10:30am on Wednesday 24 October at Bretby Crematorium, Burton Upon Trent, DE15 OQE.  If you wish to attend please contact Katherine Lawson.

Professor Keith Campbell

Messages of condolence

  • Professor Phil Garnsworthy
    1. At 1:06AM on 12 October 2012, Professor Phil Garnsworthy wrote

    Many have spoken about the outstanding scientific achievements and inspirational work of Keith, for which he will be sadly missed, but close colleagues will remember him also for his tremendous sense of fun. Keith had a great sense of humour and abhorred bureaucracy. He would often stop to chat in the corridor and complain about the latest directive from management, or the tortuous pathway of his expenses claims. Keith would enliven even the dullest meeting with his witty remarks. On the other hand, he was always willing to lend a sympathetic ear in private when you had serious matters to discuss. His advice was usually sound and never condescending. For such an eminent scientist, Keith was incredibly down to earth. The corridors seem very empty without him.

  • Josef Fulka, Jr.
    2. At 7:55AM on 12 October 2012, Josef Fulka, Jr. wrote

    I will miss you, Keith. Josef

  • Emma Hooley
    3. At 8:33AM on 12 October 2012, Emma Hooley wrote

    Very sad and shocking news, a very kind and generous chap all round, my condolences to Kathy and his daughters.

  • Andy Salter
    4. At 8:40AM on 12 October 2012, Andy Salter wrote

    Sutton Bonington will be a lesser place without you! One of my biggest regrets of my professional career is that we did not get our collaborative grant back in the 1990s Andy

  • Richard Kelly
    5. At 8:59AM on 12 October 2012, Richard Kelly wrote

    My heart goes out to Kathy, his family, friends and colleagues! He will be missed dearly! It was always a pleasure speaking with you Keith and I feel very honoured to have known you. Requiescat in pace.

  • Neil Crout
    6. At 10:08AM on 12 October 2012, Neil Crout wrote

    A horrible and tragic shock. Phil's words at the top of this page sum up my feelings perfectly. Keith will be sadly missed. Deepest condolences to his family, friends and huge worldwide network of colleagues.

  • Julian Wiseman
    7. At 10:33AM on 12 October 2012, Julian Wiseman wrote

    It is difficult to find words to describe the awful loss. But the memories of that great sense of humour, an effective colleague and superb scientist with a global reputation will remain.

  • Vicki Onions
    8. At 11:15AM on 12 October 2012, Vicki Onions wrote

    Awful news, my deepest sympathies to Kathy and his daughters. It was an absolute pleasure to know Keith both professionally and socially. Phil's words sum Keith up brilliantly in a way I could not; he was just a fab guy to know. He will be sadly missed

  • Wiktor Gajewski
    9. At 11:42AM on 12 October 2012, Wiktor Gajewski wrote

    This is tragic news and a tremendous loss. Keith Campbell was one of those rare scientists that could ignite a spark of scientific fascination in other people. I had the privilege to experience this. Rest in peace.

  • Neil Crout
    10. At 12:09PM on 12 October 2012, Neil Crout wrote

    A horrible and tragic shock. Phil's words at the top of this page sum up my feelings perfectly. Keith will be sadly missed. Deepest condolences to his family, friends and huge worldwide network of colleagues.

  • Jerry Roberts
    11. At 12:11PM on 12 October 2012, Jerry Roberts wrote

    I would regularly bump in to Keith on the SB campus and we would always exchange light-hearted banter. Most recently I stood in the queue next to him while we were both buying a sandwich. He turned to me and said 'Jerry, I thought that you had retired!'. I replied 'Keith, I heard that you had left us' - how prophetic those words turned out to be. Keith - there is less fun on the campus without you.

  • Rich Plant
    12. At 12:16PM on 12 October 2012, Rich Plant wrote

    A pleasure to have worked with Keith over the years, and a pleasure to have known him socially. RIP.

  • Monica Mills
    13. At 12:50PM on 12 October 2012, Monica Mills wrote

    As Keith's PA when he was Head of Animal Physiology, and later in his role as Postgraduate Advisor for the Division of Animal Sciences, I couldn't have wished for a more thoughtful, considerate and cheerful line manager. Always ready with a joke or tale, Keith could turn a "gloomy Monday" into a "happy Friday". The highlight of my working life at the University will be those years spent helping Keith. RIP.

  • Mandy Edwards
    14. At 2:18PM on 12 October 2012, Mandy Edwards wrote

    Keith was such a lively character and a brilliant scientist. He will be missed greatly. Deepest sympathy to his family. RIP Keith

  • yuhong Bian
    15. At 2:39PM on 12 October 2012, yuhong Bian wrote

    Long time didn’t contact with my supervisor: Keith Campbell and my colleges in his lab, Nottingham University. Suddenly got an email from my classmate Inchol informed us the sad news. I was shocked and couldn’t hole my tears. He was such an energetic guy and only 58 years old, how could that be? I could not accept it. I was his first Chinese PhD student. I couldn’t forget the first time I saw him in his office: young, at life’s full flowering (in his prime). He was such a kind and considering person. Knowing that my poor English, he spoke with me slowly and softly; knowing that I only got tuition fee from the university, he arranged with my second supervisor and managed to cover my living expense. I couldn’t forget his generous, many times he sent us out to international conferences to open up our mind and to help us building up connections with other labs. I couldn’t forget his kindness, parties he organized for us to celebrate our graduation, and these were such warm moments in our life. Life is but a dream. There are many regrets. Short of communication with my dearest supervisor: Keith Campbell is one of them.

  • Yuhong Bian
    16. At 2:46PM on 12 October 2012, Yuhong Bian wrote

    Words cannot describe how I feel upon hearing the news of the passage of my supervisor Keith Campbell of Nottingham University. It has been long I communicated with him and my colleagues and was so shock about this sad news through the mail I received from my classmate Inchol. He was such an energetic guy, only 58 years old. How could that be? That is the question I keep asking myself over and over again. I was his first Chinese PhD student and could vividly remember the first time I met him in his office, so young and full of life. He was such a kind and considerate person. Realizing my English was poor, he spoke to me in a very slow and soft manner. Also when he knew that I only got tuition fee from the university, he managed to arrange with my second supervisor for my living expenses as well. I cannot forget his generosity; sending us out several times to International Conferences, in order for us to build connections and get acclimatized with works from other labs. We had warm moments during our graduation party which he organized. How can I forget such kindness. Some good people come into my life; Keith Campbell is one of them. Life is but a dream ending unexpectedly. Humans cannot understand but God knows best. May you rest in perfect peace in the arms of the creator.

  • Pat Fisher
    17. At 2:48PM on 12 October 2012, Pat Fisher wrote

    Up until now I have always enjoyed coming to work. Working for Keith was interesting and fun, never a dull moment. I will never work with anyone like him again, a unique individual. I'll miss him. Rest in peace.

  • Inchul Choi
    18. At 3:35PM on 12 October 2012, Inchul Choi wrote

    The last time I saw him was when he gave me a private lunch at his home on 27th Aug this year. We talked about everything. He always loved science and people. Like so many other, I fell immensely privileged to have known Keith. At this time we need to write "was, or -ed" to describe Keith, but surely Keith is always supportive, kind, humorous and thoughtful and a great mentor in my mind forever. RIP

  • Mike Malcolm-Smith
    19. At 4:06PM on 12 October 2012, Mike Malcolm-Smith wrote

    I was very shocked to learn about the sad death of Keith. I knew Keith at Roslin Institute and I will always remember the his generous sense of humour and good fun. I nights out with the Dolly team I always tried to be sitting near him as it would ensure fun loud night, if I wasn't near him where he was sitting would always be the loudest. He also had a great skill of being able to explain the most complacated peice of science in the most simplictic terms without the person he was explaining it to feeling uncomfortable or ill at ease. He was somebody I always hoped I would come across again. My thoughts go out to his freinds and family.

  • Jane (Kanya Jirajaroenrat)
    20. At 4:21PM on 12 October 2012, Jane (Kanya Jirajaroenrat) wrote

    The first time I met Keith was in the summer of 2000 as I arrived in SB to start my studies under his supervision. I remember the book “The second creation: Dolly and the age of biological control” he gave me with a note of welcome, and his words that work in his lab should be happy, thus encouraging me to feel free to discuss any issues sooner rather than later.

    Beyond his genuine and supportive personality, he was big, in the sense that he had the ability to see the big picture when tackling pioneering work in cloning, but also with mitochondria or stem cells, and to make scientific problems seem small. Working with him was an inspiration, and I share the feeling that a light has gone too early from the scientific community.

    From him, I also want to remember the fan of high-tech gadgets, always first to try new technologies such as digital camera, color laser printer, wireless mouse and keyboard, USB thumbdrive… I guess later on he was also among the first owners of smartphones and other devices.

    I will be looking for you shining in a corner of the sky.

    Miss you, Keith. RIP.

  • Anthony Tomlinson
    21. At 4:56PM on 12 October 2012, Anthony Tomlinson wrote

    Very sad news. Can only echo the comments at the top. Had many a laugh smoking and joking outside the Roslin Institute and round the back of PPL. Good bloke.

  • Gemma Ufton
    22. At 5:06PM on 12 October 2012, Gemma Ufton wrote

    This terrible news came as such a shock. Keith and I had only met the day before to discuss my final year project. His enthusiasm and encouragement will stay with me. We discussed some exciting ideas and I have since been working on them. As I left his office last Thursday I told him to have fun......So Keith, I hope that's what your doing. You will be sadly missed, rest in peace.

    23. At 5:14PM on 12 October 2012, JACQUELINE (winter)HORSFIELD wrote

    KEITH, Friend; almost brother in law; family man; funny crazy man rest in peace

  • Geoffrey Mok
    24. At 5:42PM on 12 October 2012, Geoffrey Mok wrote

    As one of my supervisors, Keith was always supportive and offered wise words of advice. To me, he's been a great mentor, role model and an inspiration. For many, he'll be remembered for his scientific achievements and success but I'll miss him mostly for his enthusiasm and banter - always a laugh and easy to joke with, and gave as good as he got - and for being a genuine nice guy. He would make people feel at ease with him - for example our supervisory meetings took place at one of his many favourite pubs over a pint. He would tell me which restaurants are worth going to and always interested to hear what's going on in my life outside of labs. He was always easy to approach no matter how busy he was and never minced his words. You could tell he lived life to the max everyday and the enthusiasm he brings to everyone was contageous. The last time I saw him, we discussed about KFC and my PhD thesis. I hope to do you proud with the latter. I can't help but to feel that though the scientific community has lost one of their finest, all my thoughts are with Kathy and his children who he cared so much for. You'll be missed dearly by all. RIP Keith.

  • Marcelo Bertolini
    25. At 6:38PM on 12 October 2012, Marcelo Bertolini wrote

    You´ve helped to change the world for the better!

    You´ve touched our lives by your achievements.

    We will miss you!

  • Marco A. Hidalgo
    26. At 6:40PM on 12 October 2012, Marco A. Hidalgo wrote

    I am very sorry for the lost of so a great colleage his contributions are hard to achieve he deserve a big recognition from all of us

  • Adel Moawad
    27. At 7:14PM on 12 October 2012, Adel Moawad wrote

    Dear Professor Keith (I liked to use these words while I was contacting him). Actually, I can not find any words express my feeling about this great shock. I missed not only a great supervisor, scientist but also a keen father as well as a friend. I was one of his former Ph D students and as any international student comes from abroad; he or she feels lonely for the first few months especially, I was married for just one week before I came to Nottingham and my wife came with me. But, when I met Professor Keith, I did not feel this; he broke this feeling and let me stay with my family for the first week before I get involved into my project. He was very kind; he knows what the meaning of the family life is. Every time I met with him, he usually was asking about my family, my kids and even my financial situation. I can not forget his very nice situation when it was my last day in UK he visited me at my house with his wife Kathy. I and my family did not feel any strange but we felt as he is a father, brother, friends and as we are one family. He usually invited us and his entire group for a party in his house or in a place away from the work environment. He helped me a lot in science, personally and in my career development. Even, after I finished my Ph D with him and go back to home country, he phoned me asking about my news and my family and introduced me to his peers for new positions. I was very lucky, because I did not miss the contact with him, I was contacting him at least twice a month and the last one was just three weeks ago, he asked me about my life in my new job, that is why I shocked when I knew he died. After I finished my Ph D, our relationship did not stop, it continued, we published many papers together; he wrote for me very good recommendation letters for many places, even the job that I am in now I got it by his help. He usually encouraged and helped me to attend many international conferences and training programs to develop my thinking and my plan. Keith was passionate, kind, intelligent and genius. I hopped if I could go back to UK and worked with him even without any benefit or any income. He will not be forgotten and no body can replace him. I am very proud because I knew and worked with a person like Keith. In the same time I am very sad because we missed a great person and great mentor. Keith, my deep thanks for everything that you did not only for me, but also for everybody in this world. He died but he is living in our hearts. My deepest sympathies to his family; Kathy and his two daughters

  • Jorge
    28. At 7:24PM on 12 October 2012, Jorge wrote

    Dear, dear friend. You will be missed!!!

  • Andras Dinnyes
    29. At 8:07PM on 12 October 2012, Andras Dinnyes wrote

    Keith,we have had so much fun doing projects, trips lectures and relaxing in UK, Hungary and around the World.. your sparks of smart ideas and jokes enlightened many of my days.. and you were not shy to break dogmas and disrespect authoritarian ideas - moving the reprogramming story forward tremendously - on this "Nobel-week" we know that you deserve lot's of credit for your work for humanity. Deepest condolences to Kathy and your daughters. we will miss you..

  • Sally
    30. At 8:12PM on 12 October 2012, wrote

    This talk about cloning Dolly the sheep, the first mammal to be cloned, was given by Professor Keith Campbell to the knowledge transfer series in 2011.

    Sadly I never met him, but having spoken to people that knew him, I wish I had.

  • Binoy Sebastian Vettical
    31. At 8:30PM on 12 October 2012, Binoy Sebastian Vettical wrote

    Very shocking news. Keith Campbell, an eminent scientist. My condolences to Kathy and daughters

  • Adrian Mutto
    32. At 8:45PM on 12 October 2012, Adrian Mutto wrote

    I've admired you, I admire you, I talk a lot about you to my students, you were a great person and especially important for science in the world, I'm a doctor in 2007 thanks to your techniques and discoveries. I'll never forget our conversation with beer in Orlando through 2011, Congress of the IETS. Those who work primarily in SCNT and ARTs will miss you Keith

  • Sergio German
    33. At 9:20PM on 12 October 2012, Sergio German wrote

    As his PhD student, I will never forget his insightful mentorship… Keith was an encouraging supervisor to me. He was a great person, charismatic and had a very good sense of humour. Being so famous, he could still be very humble and simple. I will miss him. My deepest condolences to his family. Rest in Peace Keith.

  • Mel Christie (Royal)
    34. At 10:34PM on 12 October 2012, Mel Christie (Royal) wrote

    Keith, I can only repeat the comments above. You were a very rare scientist. A humble, fun, compassionate, kind and very down to earth genius. You never were one to 'beat around the bush' which is what we all loved you for. I am smiling now as i write just hearing you shouting and joking about one thing and another wherever you are. I am very proud to have known you. I wish more of us kept your fun attitude in mind whilst working. You have left a huge hole in many peoples lives. My thoughts are with your family. Rest in peace Keith. Love Mel x

  • Esmail Behboodi
    35. At 11:34PM on 12 October 2012, Esmail Behboodi wrote

    Kieth, I miss you as good friend and great scientist.

  • Paul Verma
    36. At 1:57AM on 13 October 2012, Paul Verma wrote

    Dear Keith, It was always great spending time you; thanks for the humour, the science and honest opinions. My condolences to Kathy and the family.

  • Raji Kanakkaparambil
    37. At 4:30AM on 13 October 2012, Raji Kanakkaparambil wrote

    Very shocking news. A real loss to science.

  • Hosup Shim
    38. At 4:51AM on 13 October 2012, Hosup Shim wrote

    Keith, we all miss your warm heart and great talent.

  • Veronique
    39. At 5:24AM on 13 October 2012, Veronique wrote

    His legacy will go on to help many in the years to come. He was a blessed man. May he rest in peace.

  • Heiner Niemann
    40. At 9:17AM on 13 October 2012, Heiner Niemann wrote

    Keith, we will miss your enthusiasm. love of life and scientific imagination. It`s a great loss for our community. I always enjoyed our interactioms at the various occasions.

    Rest in peace


  • Heather Hobbs
    41. At 9:24AM on 13 October 2012, Heather Hobbs wrote

    It was a great pleasure to have known Keith, a great loss to family and colleagues. Condolences from all at ILM

  • Jie Zhu, Wei Cui and Karen Zhu
    42. At 12:51PM on 13 October 2012, Jie Zhu, Wei Cui and Karen Zhu wrote

    I was so shocked by the sad news, when I was told. We are so lucky to have known and worked with him for many years. We lost a close friend and the world lost an outstanding scientist. He and his great scentific breakthrough will be never forgotten.

    Here, We pay our deepest respect to Keith; a great man, amazing scientist and friend.

    Jie, Wei and Karen

  • Wenchao Chen
    43. At 1:59PM on 13 October 2012, Wenchao Chen wrote

    I remember to have read Keith’s book ‘The Second Creation: Dolly and the Age of Biological Control’ in Shanghai Library, and I first met Keith in 2002 in Shanghai Science Hall when he came to give an talk about Dolly and cloning arranged by the British Council to introduce the science and technology of UK. I was greatly impressed by his work and the way he presented his work. And then I become his only male PhD student from China and his last student working on somatic nuclear transfer trying to improve the cloning efficiency. He was very nice to everyone and always encouraged me to compete worldwide. Keith’s studies which produced Dolly not only provided a method for multiplication of adult animals but also a route to precise genetic manipulation of animals other than the mouse and additionally paved the way for the development of methods to reprogram cells to pluripotency. I will remember Keith’s instructions forever and try my best to inherit and spread his knowledge.

  • David C. Hughes
    44. At 2:47PM on 13 October 2012, David C. Hughes wrote

    Deep shock on finding out yesterday. Having known Keith for more than 10 years (although we just missed overlapping at the Marie Curie Research Institute in the 1980's), he was one of the good guys - he knew his Science, and had a healthy attitude to all the other nonsense. I will miss bumping into him at the Nottingham Riverside Festival, and will miss his sense of humour. My thoughts are with his family.

  • Simon Langley-Evans
    45. At 3:55PM on 13 October 2012, Simon Langley-Evans wrote

    Keith was dedicated to his work and displayed a love of science and enthusiasm for discovery that we all could learn from. Deepest condolences to his family.

  • Kenneth McCreath
    46. At 8:33PM on 13 October 2012, Kenneth McCreath wrote

    As Anthony said. Many a roll up was shared at the back pf PPL. We also shared an important paper. Vey sad to hear the news of Keith yesterday. My thoughts are with his family. RIP.

  • Tiziana Brevini
    47. At 10:48PM on 13 October 2012, Tiziana Brevini wrote

    We will greatly miss your humour, enthusiasm and scientific talent. Rest in peace

  • Sudhakar Bhandare
    48. At 12:20AM on 14 October 2012, Sudhakar Bhandare wrote

    I always had a proud feeling that I am studying in a campus where the great scientists like Keith are there. I had a wish to see him once but missed a chance. May God give peace to his soul and my condolences to his family.

  • Alejo Menchaca
    49. At 4:28AM on 14 October 2012, Alejo Menchaca wrote

    Thank you Keith for your great humility, generosity and humor sense. We have lost not only a great scientist and a better person. Cheers for having known you.

  • Alex Bortvin
    50. At 12:57PM on 14 October 2012, Alex Bortvin wrote

    Shocking news. Thankfully, you left us with many fond memories to last forever.

    Condolences to the family.

  • Jean Hutchison
    51. At 1:34PM on 14 October 2012, Jean Hutchison wrote

    Keith, I have been following your successes over the last 40 years on and off - though you wouldn't have known it. I always felt so very proud of you and what wonders you have achieved in this too short life. I knew Keith when he was 16 and part of our 'Chantry Tennis Club' gang. Keith has always had a very special place in my heart and I can never forget those happy times. My condolences to his wife Kathy and daughters , and to his family, especially Christine his sister. Rest in Peace.

  • Jeremy
    52. At 1:51PM on 14 October 2012, Jeremy wrote

    We have lost a unique person, goodby my friend, I will miss you very much

  • Lluis Montoliu
    53. At 4:44PM on 14 October 2012, wrote

    On behalf of the ISTT, I wish to express my deepest condolences to Keith Campbell's family, friends and colleagues for his premature and unexpected loss. His papers and seminal contributions to Science will remain with us.

  • alan & diane smith
    54. At 4:59PM on 14 October 2012, alan & diane smith wrote

    A great shock to us both,we've known keith since "the cap days and will always remember him as the mad prof.always ready to lend a hand or an ear for those of us who needed it.our thoughts are with kathy and the rest of keiths family.

  • Giorgio (Tony) Presicce
    55. At 8:40PM on 14 October 2012, Giorgio (Tony) Presicce wrote

    Keith, I'll have another beer with you at our next meeting....maybe talking about science or ....better about more mundane facts of life. We'll miss you.

  • David Black
    56. At 11:04PM on 14 October 2012, David Black wrote

    Keith, we became friends only recently, but we feel a such huge loss. You were always honest, robust in your views, passionate about what we were doing, fun to be around and above all a great scientist - a genius. We will miss you terribly. May you rest in peace.

  • Kwanta Thansa
    57. At 2:53AM on 15 October 2012, Kwanta Thansa wrote


  • Pablo Bermejo-Alvarez
    58. At 4:14AM on 15 October 2012, Pablo Bermejo-Alvarez wrote

    There are mentors who claim they allow their people to develop their own ideas… Keith did not claim that, he really did it. In my case, despite being in his lab for just a short stay, he was very supportive, intellectually and logistically. He was not a “political scientist”, but a true free thinker following his own way, able to jump out of the beaten track to prove the world that mammalian cells could be reprogrammed. Rest in peace, Pablo.

  • Daniel Saul
    59. At 4:30AM on 15 October 2012, Daniel Saul wrote

    Really my deep condolences,doctor Keith we will miss him, we met in 1987 in Carlsholton, Surrey with Dr. David Whittingham and invited me to his laboratory for a shot time visit that turn into a long time visit where I learnt many things and we bacame also friends, it is a big lost for the cientific community, rest in peace

  • Marco Saroglia
    60. At 5:59AM on 15 October 2012, wrote

    Not having had the pleasure to met Keith personally, did not limit my greath appreciating his scientific activity. Condoleance to colleagues and family.

    Marco Saroglia

  • Shahin Eghbalsaied
    61. At 6:23AM on 15 October 2012, Shahin Eghbalsaied wrote

    I feel great sorry for his death at the golden part of scientific life. I just knew him through his effective works and published papers and I, as a beginner researcher, feel deep sorrow for not meeting him in my life. I would like to express my condolence and feel sympathy to his family and friends.

  • Ali Fouladi
    62. At 11:19AM on 15 October 2012, Ali Fouladi wrote

    As Keith's first PhD student in Roslin Institute I benefitted from his extensive and deep knowledge in oocyte and embryo biology. Today, I was looking at my notes from supervisory meeting with him 17 years ago; amazing, many great ideas, still novel. As described by some of Keith's colleagues and friends, I was influenced by his sense of humor and easy going personality. This did not change even when his position transformed from a senior researcher in Roslin to become a highly distinguished internationally recognized scientist and pioneer of innovation in cloning technology. Fataneh and I sorely miss you. Our thoughts are with his family Kathy, Ang and his daughters Claire, Louren.

  • Fulvio Gandolfi
    63. At 11:33AM on 15 October 2012, Fulvio Gandolfi wrote

    It was impossible to miss Keith presence in a scientific meeting for his active participation and his exuberant personality. Most remarkably this remained unchanged after he reached word-wide fame. It was stimulating, it was interesting and it was fun talking with him. His contribution to modern cell and developmental biology was substantial and hopefully it will not be underestimated.

  • Sarah Johnson
    64. At 11:59AM on 15 October 2012, Sarah Johnson wrote

    My overriding memory of Keith will be of a remarkable man who, despite his eminence, was completely down to earth and so approachable. Keith was always prepared to talk anyone and his enthusiasm was infectious. He will be missed.

  • Evelyn  Telfer
    65. At 12:20PM on 15 October 2012, Evelyn Telfer wrote

    Shocked and saddened by this news. Keith leaves a great legacy and in Shakespeare's words "No legacy is so rich as honesty" and Keith was aye honest.

  • Ali Mobasheri
    66. At 2:48PM on 15 October 2012, Ali Mobasheri wrote

    Keith you were such a friendly person, both on and off campus. You were also a brilliant scientist and a great asset to our university. We had a few drinks together a couple of times in Kegworth. Sutton Bonington will not be the same without you. Deepest condolences to your family and friends.

  • Louis-Marie Houdebine
    67. At 2:50PM on 15 October 2012, Louis-Marie Houdebine wrote

    I met Keith several times and I was impressed by his scientific impact, his kindness and his modesty. Impossible to forget a man like this one.

  • Xiuchun Tian (Cindy)
    68. At 3:41PM on 15 October 2012, Xiuchun Tian (Cindy) wrote

    The first time I met Keith was in the 2003 UC Davis Transgenic conference in Lake Tahoe where I gave my first international talk. When my late husband, Xiangzhong (Jerry) Yang, introduced Keith to me in the hotel courtyard at midnight (we had just arrived from a long day of travel), I could not believe that such a big name in science was in front of me. He appeared to have had a few drinks but was very sharp and friendly. Although I only had casual interactions with him over the years, he always knew who my late husband and I were and of our work. The papers from his lab were always a must read to us to see what was "hot" in the field and to draw ideas from. The loss of Keith and my late husband (who passed at 49 three years ago) at such young ages is a great loss to science and humanity. My condolence to Kathy and the rest of his family. -Cindy

  • Sheila Northover
    69. At 4:40PM on 15 October 2012, Sheila Northover wrote

    Such tragic news. Keith was a great scientist, and a lovely man fondly remembered for his great sense of humour, he always had something to tell you. As he passed by my office he would regularly stop for a chat, often about his dogs misdemeanours or what he daughters were doing. Rest in peace Keith, you will be sadly missed by many, many people.

  • Maya Mitalipova
    70. At 5:05PM on 15 October 2012, Maya Mitalipova wrote

    Dear Keith, It was shocking news I still can't accept it. Knowing you for many years I will never forget your cheerful personality, your great sense of humor, your dedication to science and many more. Unbelievable loss for our scientific community. My heart goes to Kathy and your daughters and entire your family and friends.

  • Jane H. Pryor
    71. At 9:10PM on 15 October 2012, Jane H. Pryor wrote

    Kathy, Thank you for sharing Keith with all of us. When Keith was in the room - everyone knew it and benefited not only from his knowledge of biological science but from his jovial sense of humor and continuous depth of laughter. May the Prince of Peace, our Lord and Savior Jesus comfort and sustain you and your family always. He is missed!

  • Nathalie Beaujean
    72. At 9:21PM on 15 October 2012, Nathalie Beaujean wrote

    What a shocking news. Keith was such a wonderful scientist. I joined Roslin Institute after his departure but everyone was still tlaking about him. Then I was fortunate enough to work with him on european projects, a real scientific pleasure!! Rest in peace Keith.

  • Amarnath
    73. At 9:34PM on 15 October 2012, Amarnath wrote

    Keith, I am honored to have worked with you. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support in my scientific pursuit and career. Most shocking news….I still can’t believe it. I always remember the freedom of science I had in your lab. I truly miss you Keith. R.I.P. My deepest condolences to Kathy and his daughters. .

  • Richard Fry
    74. At 12:13AM on 16 October 2012, Richard Fry wrote

    I was shocked at hearing the sad news about Keith. He will be missed at the IETS conferences for his science and just as importantly his camaraderie. Vale Keith.

  • Phil Manley
    75. At 9:05AM on 16 October 2012, Phil Manley wrote

    Keith was a great pub bloke aswell as one of the most intelligent and articulate people I've ever met. To sit in the Cap & Stocking with Keith was an absolute rollercoaster ride of laughs, anecdotes and reflection. Always professional on campus, always ready with some banter or comeback, Keith was a true character. I was stunned to hear of his death and send my condolences to his family and close friends. I can only add that I am glad to have met Keith and shared some 'pub' time with him.

  • Jim Craigon
    76. At 10:37AM on 16 October 2012, Jim Craigon wrote

    Having been entertained by Keith’s tales of his travels for over a decade since he came to SB I have said ‘Nothing would surprise me about Keith Campbell’ but his untimely death has certainly been a shock. He had so many stories yet to tell, but apart from one about THE sheep, I do not recall him telling the same story twice. Sadly we will not now hear the rest, at least not told first-hand in Keith’s colourful style.

    By focusing on Keith, the entertainer, I feel a bit like a new schoolboy who said he liked the play-times but was not sure about the bits in between. As the world knows Keith did not neglect ‘the bits in between’. His work and that of his close colleagues was both ground-breaking and painstaking and is what he will be remembered for most. I will remember him as a fun man to have around who was highly respected by his colleagues.

    We were lucky to have Keith with us for so long but I am very sad he had to leave so soon.

  • Heindryckx Björn
    77. At 11:00AM on 16 October 2012, Heindryckx Björn wrote

    Much too soon Keith! Damn. You are a fantastic bloke. My condolences to the family.

  • Bianca Gasparrini
    78. At 11:33AM on 16 October 2012, Bianca Gasparrini wrote

    I am shocked and saddened, I can't believe you are not with us anymore, Keith. I will miss you, your sense of humour, your attitude, the fun we had together. A unique man, with a remarkable scientific talent, a brilliant mind and still a good friend for most of us. Condolences to Kathy

  • Sue Woodward
    79. At 12:54PM on 16 October 2012, Sue Woodward wrote

    It has been a pleasure to know & work with Keith during the years he spent at Nottingham. From the first meeting when Tony Flint asked me to show him around with a view to setting up his labs here, during which Keith enthusiastically jumped up & down in each room to test how solid the floors were for his delicate lab equipment - working with Keith was never dull. Although dearly missed by all my deepest sympathies go to Kathy, Claire & Lauren.

  • Gianluca Neglia
    80. At 1:28PM on 16 October 2012, Gianluca Neglia wrote

    I am shocked. The world has lost one of its main beautiful mind. A great scientist and a great person. We'll miss you Keith. Kathy be strong

  • Bill Ritchie
    81. At 7:00PM on 16 October 2012, wrote

    Keith loved to work in the surgery or the lab, and often managed to escape from his office. He was a real team member and our “all night” stints at Roslin, in the early days, were great events. He never lost his humour and had a great enthusiasm for science which made him easy to get on with. We last met when we made a recording for “The Reunion: Dolly the Sheep” on BBC Radio 4 which was broadcast on the 9th of September, and it was as if we had met the day before, chatting about his family, and showing us photographs. It was therefore devastating to be told of his untimely demise. We have all lost a great scientist and friend who never worried about his position, but was the same old Keith no matter who you were. Condolences to Ange, Claire, Lauren and Kathy, he will be greatly missed. Bill

  • Amy
    82. At 9:11PM on 16 October 2012, Amy wrote

    Keith was my research project supervisor during my final year at SB. He was kind, patient and funny, and most of all, he never talked down to us undergrads.

    He often chatted to me about his daughters, his wife and his garden, and when I found myself struggling due to situations outside of the academic, he took the time to listen, encourage and be supportive.

    My thoughts are with his family, I know he will be sadly missed by so many.

  • Marie-Cecile van de Lavoir
    83. At 4:44AM on 17 October 2012, Marie-Cecile van de Lavoir wrote

    This is a shock. I cannot believe I will not have the opportunity to hang out with you and discuss recent scientific endeavors. I have such a great story to tell you and I know you would be laughing and asking funny and pointed questions. The good memories will have to suffice.

  • Justine Burley
    84. At 10:38AM on 17 October 2012, Justine Burley wrote

    Keith was a force of nature whose impact on the world will endure. Keith, you are missed. Condolences to Keith's wife, Kathy, to his two daughters, Claire and Lauren, and to the many others who are grieving at this time.

  • Leigh Silvester
    85. At 2:37PM on 17 October 2012, Leigh Silvester wrote

    I will miss Keith greatly. He was a wonderful chap to work with and livened up the work place immensely.

    Always happy to share a joke and chat on all manner of topics. His rants were a joy, but he never lost his humour.

    He was also a great communicator who enthused all around him with his passion and interest in his work.

    My condolescences to Kathy and his children.

  • Michael Festenstein
    86. At 3:24PM on 17 October 2012, Michael Festenstein wrote

    I was really sorry and shocked to hear this very tragic news, Keith I will miss you. my very best wishes and condolences to Ange, Claire, Lauren and Kathy

  • Juan Ignacio Ferrari
    87. At 11:31PM on 17 October 2012, Juan Ignacio Ferrari wrote

    I am really sorry to hear about mr Campbell's death. Passion for science and patience in looking for the best way to help mankind are your legacy in my heart.

  • Angela Scott
    88. At 1:35PM on 18 October 2012, Angela Scott wrote

    I was truly shocked to hear of Keith's death. I worked with Keith at PPL for a number of years and admired his passion and wit. Keith was a truly genuine individual who cared about his colleagues. Keith will be a great loss to the sector. my deepest sympathies go to his family.

  • Jenny Turner
    89. At 4:17PM on 18 October 2012, Jenny Turner wrote

    Keith, you will be very much missed. It was a priviledge to work with you. My condolences to all your family.

  • Karen Wonnacott
    90. At 5:30PM on 18 October 2012, Karen Wonnacott wrote

    I was very sorry to hear of Keith's death and send my condolences to Kathy, Claire and Lauren. I echo what everyone has said, Keith was such a character - always gave up his time to listen and help and always had a fantastic sense of humour! One of my favourite memories was a night at the Mexican in Loughborough organised by Donna - Keith was on top form that night! I will treasure all of the happy memories of an incredibly gifted and intelligent man who lived life to the full and had the unique ability to make everyone feel at ease.

  • jiping
    91. At 6:38PM on 18 October 2012, jiping wrote

    Keith, I am very sorry to hear you are leaving us. we met each other 11ys ago in Guangzhou,China. It is my all life's honor to be your leacurer 's interpretor. We have been argued with the clone issues. Finally you mentioned and concluded everything go ahead, clone is good for human. But you forgot to clone one of you. I am very sad!

  • Karen Walker (nee Mycock)
    92. At 10:49PM on 18 October 2012, Karen Walker (nee Mycock) wrote

    While I am deeply saddened at this time, so many of the memories above from Keith’s friends and colleagues make me smile :)

    I too have my own from our time working and socialising together at the RI and PPL - those memories soften the sadness just slightly.

    He’s gone too soon but Keith certainly packed in a lot while he was here!

    My thoughts are with those who loved him. X

  • Sue (nee Nicklin) Craske
    93. At 4:31PM on 19 October 2012, Sue (nee Nicklin) Craske wrote

    Good to hear how Keith's honest and vivacious character continued throughout his career. I worked in the lab next door to him at Sussex University in the early eighties.

    He enthused about working on the gate at Glastonbury.

    He lent me his huge hand made (by him) speakers for my flat warming party I've still got them having bought them off him. A bunch of his mates gatecrashed, continued to wreak havoc and danced in a frantic circle rucking up the carpet into a twizzle.

    He will continue to do the Brummie accent a favour in the numerous video clips- you can speak brummie and be clever too! (I am brummie). Sob Sob

  • Lino Loi
    94. At 8:08AM on 20 October 2012, Lino Loi wrote

    Still find hard to accept the news. I will miss your scientific sharpness but above all your open heart. My deepest condolences to Kathy, Claire and Lauren

  • Henry Leese
    95. At 7:56PM on 20 October 2012, Henry Leese wrote

    The news about Keith came as a big shock. He was a great guy and wonderful company, always generous with his thoughts and his time. Although the cloning aspects of his work took centre stage, I will always remember him for his science. I well recall him sitting me down at Roslin and taking me through his pioneering research carefully and with modesty, listening and responding in an understanding way to anything I might say. Keith was a great teacher and individual as well as an innovative cell biologist of the first rank. I will miss him greatly.

  • paul Anderton
    96. At 1:16PM on 21 October 2012, paul Anderton wrote

    Although I never had the opportunity to meet you, I feel i know all about you from our daughter who was working with you at nottingham, she had nothing but praise for your teaching and social skills with the students you taught, you will be sadley missed by all. RIP.

  • Mark van Veen
    97. At 12:31PM on 22 October 2012, Mark van Veen wrote

    I could not believe the news when I was told the Monday after you left us on the Friday. I still remember your inaugral lecture I believe in 1999 not long after I started down at SB which seems like only yesterday. We bumped into each other a number of times over the years I remember your new colour laser printers in your office we battled with trying to get to print out something. The absolutely enormous flat screen TV virtually covering one wall in your house at the time opposite the Cap in Kegworth, you certainly embraced new gadgets and technologies as others have said here. We had conversations over a pint about anything from our common central heating boiler ailments such as thumping noises and depressurisation all the way across the spectrum to patents and epigenetics. Never with any front but as one of us despite having achieved the scientific success some only dream of achieving it did not change your genuine nature. Even though I've ended up in the administration side at the University we both knew at heart I am still a scientist and know how much paperwork gets in the way of getting on with the interesting things like science:) I will miss our chats and jokes and regret not having seen more of you in the recent past the last time being stuck in a traffic jam in Kegworth you got out from your car in front of me wondering what the problem was we chatted through the window and then both sat there in our cars fed up at the snails pace! My profound condolences to Kathy and your daughters the world has lost a great guy who also happened to be a stellar scientist.

  • Jaroslaw O. Horbanczuk (Director of the Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding, Polish Academy of Sciences) ; Jacek A. Modlinski
    98. At 9:46AM on 23 October 2012, Jaroslaw O. Horbanczuk (Director of the Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding, Polish Academy of Sciences) ; Jacek A. Modlinski wrote

    We are all deeply saddened by the untimely death of Professor Keith Campbell. Prof. Campbell for many years has been a friend of our Institute, a member of editorial board of the „Animal Science Papers and Reports” journal published by our Institute, as well as a member of International Advisory Board of Centre of Excellence ANIMBIOGEN and ANIMBIOGEN in EU. His frequent visits to our Institute, invitation to which he never declined, were extremely valuable for us both in scientific and organizational aspect. Excellent lectures that he delivered at our Institute, and discussions that we had, were very inspiring for our scientific community, especially for the young researchers.

    We will remember him as an outstanding scientist, joyful companion of our conversations and discussions, but above all as a man, whose help we could always rely on. The sudden death of Professor Campbell is a tremendous loss for science and we believe that his outstanding contribution to modern development al biology will never be underestimated. Our thoughts are with his wife, daughters and all his family.

  • Marcus
    99. At 3:51PM on 23 October 2012, Marcus wrote

    It’s been a while since I bumped into Keith in either the corridors of South Lab or the SB car park. He would always take the time ask how Kelly was and how life was developing down in Devon. I can’t remember exactly the last time we spoke; I simply wish I’d lingered just a little longer. A fun, approachable innovator with the ability to share his enthusiasm for life and science with anyone. Will miss you ol’ chap.

  • Ken England
    100. At 11:18PM on 23 October 2012, Ken England wrote

    I shared a flat with Keith when we were undergraduates at Queen Elizabeth College. A flat with seven students in it! I have many fond memories of that time and the great laughs we had. I regret we never caught up.

  • Kelly Dugan
    101. At 8:44AM on 24 October 2012, Kelly Dugan wrote

    My first impression of Keith was his enthusiasm for a good party (SB Christmas 2000). My lasting memories will be his boundless enthusiasm for pretty much everything he was involved in. His kindness, generosity and his down to earth approach. Keith, you'll be missed by everyone who met you and many who didn't.

  • Ally Gill
    102. At 1:41PM on 24 October 2012, Ally Gill wrote

    We had some great times Keith, and I was rocked by the news when I found out a few hours ago. A smart, funny guy who will be missed professionally and personally by so many folk.

  • Denise Cottom
    103. At 2:33PM on 24 October 2012, Denise Cottom wrote

    A sad and untimely loss- Keith was a great guy to work with, from both sides of the regulatory fence. Professionally and personally, he was unique. He will be very much missed. My condolences to his family and friends.

  • Munikumar Ramasamy Venkatasalu
    104. At 6:51PM on 24 October 2012, Munikumar Ramasamy Venkatasalu wrote

    Cannt belive this news. In 2007, when i was studying my doctoral study at nottingham university, i saw him for a few seconds in his office. From that for a few minutes, he remained as an my insprirational scientist...My deepest condolences to his family and friends...Sadly world loses another-unreplacable sceintist ...

  • Dania Ghani
    105. At 2:11AM on 25 October 2012, wrote

    I'm deeply shocked by the news, Dr Campbell was a wonderful supervisor and mentor. He was a passionate scientist and an inspirational character with much wisdom. My sincere condolences to all family, friends and colleagues. He will be missed dearly.

  • Brian Dale
    106. At 6:30AM on 25 October 2012, Brian Dale wrote

    A true scientist, so rare to find today. Keith created Dolly and many other fantastic discoveries. Its our duty to always assign merit to him and keep his achievements alive.

  • Lilia Vargs
    107. At 7:21PM on 25 October 2012, Lilia Vargs wrote

    the science lost a pioner scientist, and friendly host with the foreign students and exchange visitor, I meet him, in 1996 at Roslin Institute, My deep condolences to all his family

  • Bruce Whitelaw
    108. At 4:24PM on 28 October 2012, Bruce Whitelaw wrote

    Keith travelled a hugely interesting path through life – always a pleasure to meet – now sadly missed.

  • Alan Woolger
    109. At 7:24PM on 31 October 2012, Alan Woolger wrote

    I was one of the seven flatmates of Keith that Ken England refered to 23rd Oct. I share his sentiments! I remember Keith's vitality and love of Bob Marley's music. A great character, a sad loss.

  • Andrew Boquest
    110. At 12:24PM on 05 November 2012, Andrew Boquest wrote

    Keith was a legend in many ways, not only scientifically. His openness, friendliness, brashness, and humour will be sadly missed. I have many fond memories socialising with Keith at the IETS meetings. He made science fun for me and many others. Characters like Keith are rare these days in science. Thanks for the memories, Keith.

  • Leslie Vanderpant
    111. At 4:06PM on 07 November 2012, Leslie Vanderpant wrote

    Despite really only knowing Keith in a professional capacity and an occasional beer, he was a really great guy. He always had plenty of time for people and was always there with a great story- his anecdotes about the "Pig Hilton" - his transgenic animal facility in particular will always bring a smile to my face. He will be sorely missed.

  • Tatiana Chebotareva
    112. At 2:28PM on 11 November 2012, Tatiana Chebotareva wrote

    My deepest sympathy to family and friends of Prof. Keith Campbell. This is a tragic loss. I personally met Prof. Keith Campbell during my PhD viva. I will always remember his infectious enthusiasm, inspiring questions and constructive comments. His research will live on and continue to ignite new ideas and motivate scholars. RIP

  • Amanda and Bob Robinson
    113. At 4:29PM on 13 November 2012, Amanda and Bob Robinson wrote

    Dearest Keith, You always had time and cared for people! I still remember that time i didnt recognise you in Loughborough. A lot of people would have just kept walking but you didnt. You spoke to me and made a joke of the fact i didnt recognise you. You had a heart of gold and were a very special person if a wee bit mad. Both Bob and I will miss you terribly. We send all our deepest sympathies to your family at this terrible time. Love and hugs Amanda and BOb Robinson xxx p.s may your spirit live on.

  • Laxmi Batav
    114. At 4:06PM on 31 December 2012, Laxmi Batav wrote

    You were a very rare scientist. A humble, filled with sense of humour, compassionate, kind and very down to earth genius. You never were one to 'beat around the bush' which is what we all loved you for. I am very proud to have known you. I wish more of us kept your jolly attitude in mind whilst working. You have left a huge vacuum in many people’s lives. “Dolly” is the great gift you have given to our scientific knowledge. My thoughts are with your family. Rest in peace Keith.

  • Roberta Kacowicz
    115. At 8:09PM on 08 January 2013, Roberta Kacowicz wrote

    I very belatedly learned of Keith's passing. Just two weeks ago when I was on hollidays with my daughters and mentioned him to them (one who met him when he was with us in Brazil in 2003) and decided to look him up to show them and was shocked to find out he is no longer with us. I had the great privilege to have spent 4 wonderful days with Keith at that time. He not only brightened our Annual Science Festival in Recife on the 50th anniversary of the DNA structure, but he brightened my life. Keith was a star at the festival, with young and older queueing up to take photos with him and even under 30°C, sweat running down his cheeks, he smiled and was the most gentle of person. I took Keith for a day at a beach nearby, Porto de Galinhas, and we sat under a shade, drinking beer and reflecting on life. He then stood up and jumped into the ocean and swam like a child, water splashing everywhere. He mentioned his wife, Kathy, and his two daughters, Claire and Lauren, and he bought two 'swing chairs' to take home to them. I am so, so sorry that he has left us here. Too, too soon! May you rest in peace Keith and may his loved ones find condolence in his brilliant life!

  • Hany Elsheikha
    116. At 4:42PM on 06 May 2013, Hany Elsheikha wrote

    For the short time I knew Keith I found him too friendly and too supportive. We were about to start a new exciting research direction. You will be definitely missed, Keith. But, you will remain immortal in your scientific contributions.

  • Roberta Kacowicz
    117. At 1:38PM on 18 August 2013, Roberta Kacowicz wrote

    Keith was a star on his visit to Recife, Brazil, to attend the SBPC, our equivalent to the BA, in 2003. We were celebrating 50 years of the DNA structure, and we brought him through the British Council where I worked at the time. Keith was one of our most enthusiast guests, so lively and full of energy. People queued up to take photos with Keith, who despite the heat and the sweat running down over his eyes, was so patient and always kept that warm smile on his face. We spent a day at a beach nearby where he bought his two girls some hammock seats. He easily won my admirations and fondness and it hurts to think he's no longer with us in this world. My sincerest condolences to his daughters and family.

  • Alan smith
    118. At 6:22PM on 05 January 2016, Alan smith wrote

    Still thinking about you most days,when we're togeather again we can just carry on with the party as usual. Really do miss you

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