August 2012

Guidance to rehabilitate patients with hearing and balance problems and tinnitus

The University is supporting fresh new guidance by the British Society of Audiology which promises to improve quality of life for patients with hearing and balance problems and tinnitus.

Varsity stars in line for Nottingham Rugby debuts

With Nottingham Rugby Football Club due to kick off their league season on Friday 31 August 2012, the club has recruited its latest talent from the ranks of The University of Nottingham Rugby Club

Pedal power promises to open doors to education

Twelve staff members from The University of Nottingham are setting off on a 1,100 mile fundraising cycle to widen access to higher education for those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Charity echoes Ofsted concerns on safeguarding disabled children

A report that warns that disabled children in England need better protection against neglect or abuse has been welcomed by a national charity.

New boss at the helm of Nottingham's Malaysia Campus

Professor Christine Ennew, currently Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Internationalisation, is to be the new Provost and Pro-Vice-Chancellor of The University of Nottingham's pioneering Malaysia Campus.

Imprisoned molecules 'quantum rattle' in their cages

Nottingham scientists have discovered that a space inside a special type of carbon molecule can be used to imprison other smaller molecules such as hydrogen or water.

New exhibition gives a voice to WWII refugees

Heart-rending stories of the European refugees displaced by WWII told in new exhibition.

YouTube experiment to celebrate scientific hero

19th Century chemist and a band of award winning scientists set out on youtube challenge.

London 2012 Medallists — made in Nottingham

Graduates win five medals at London 2012, making The University of Nottingham the second most successful UK University at the Olympic Games.

Early detection of ADHD could relieve long term consequences

Volunteers needed for new research into Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in pre-school children.

Entrepreneurial capabilities with real world potential win inaugural title

A team of budding digital entrepreneurs from The University of Nottingham has won the inaugural Digital Economy Young Entrepreneurs Scheme (Digital Economy YES) for their sustainability app

New bacteria resistant materials discovered

A new class of polymers could lead to significant reduction in hospital infections and medical device failures.

Breaking the cycle of educational disadvantage

The Life Cycle 2 team from The University of Nottingham have raised over £130,000 to provide more young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with the opportunity to enter higher education.

Will we learn from the Winterbourne View findings?

A University of Nottingham-based charity committed to safeguarding disabled children and vulnerable adults from abuse says it hopes lessons can be learned from the cases of abuse uncovered at Winterbourne View.

A vote of confidence — Biomedical Catalyst funding will accelerate research from bench to bedside

Confidence in Concept award will take research from bench to bedside.

Knowing the Score-Stove™ – cooking with sound: in-country testing has begun

A revolutionary sound-powered stove and electrical generator is currently being tested in the conditions it was designed for — rural villages in Nepal and Bangladesh.

British Academy honour for Nottingham scholar

Professor Julie Sanders recognised for her work in the field of literary geography.

Share the places you love — new online resource and app

New website and app lets you profile and share the places you love.
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