December 2012

Chinese students hail "transformational" UK study experience

Chinese students who have studied in the UK have seen a "profound transformational experience" in their personal and professional lives, according to research into the impact of studying abroad.

University Groundscare expert wins industry award

Groundscare expert from The University of Nottingham wins national award.

How new technology could help people with mental health disorders

New technology will help sufferers of disorders like ADHD, Tourette's, autism and bipolar syndrome.

Chinese Ambassador Opens the School of Contemporary Chinese Studies

The Chinese Ambassador officially open the School of Contemporary Chinese Studies.

Three senior appointments for University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus annouces three senior appointments to strengthen teaching, learning and research.

Starter for ten, fingers on the buzzers University of Nottingham

Nottingham alumni do battle on University Challenge

The University of Nottingham recognises honorary graduates

Hope Powell CBE is recognised by The University of Nottingham

M5 Universities launch online equipment sharing database

Searchable database includes details of all equipment that can be shared.

Manufacturing specialist wins international collaboration award

Manufacturing specialist receives award for international collaboration

Is there such a thing as the 'perfect gift'?

Volunteers offered £30 gift to take part in new research on present giving.

It's a cracker! Research shows how blue cheese gets its distinctive smell

Revealed for the first time - the yeast which helps give blue cheese its unique aroma.

The University of Nottingham hosts annual Engineering Christmas Lecture

Annual Christmas lecture provides an exciting insight into a career in engineering.

Underwater archaeologist presents BBC Vikings programme

BBC documentary 'The Last Battle of the Vikings' presented by the underwater archaeologist who grew up near the battle ground.

It's goodbye Oxford, hello Nottingham for Professor Michael Freeden

After a long and distinguished career at the University of Oxford, Professor Michael Freeden is joining The University of Nottingham's School of Politics and International Relations for a fresh challenge.

Transforming the diagnosis of equine colic

Identifying the danger signs of colic - the number one killer of horses.

Building the future — architecture yearbook showcases student work

Department of Architecture and Built Environment Yearbook 2012 launched.

How the Hobbit will fill a hole in 21st century wellbeing

University Tolkien expert reveals how the new Hobbit movie will fill a hole in 21st century wellbeing.

Passive smoking doubles risk of disease linked to meningitis in children

A new study links passive smoking to meningitis in children.

Sleeping pills can increase the risk of pneumonia

Benzodiazepines put patients at an increased risk of contracting and dying from pneumonia

University of Nottingham honours outgoing Chancellor

Chancellor honoured with building renaming

The detectives of corrosion

A detective style research team are taking a forensic look at the nature of corrosion in the oil and gas sector.
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