New Hollywood partner to work with University Film Institute

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A seven-time Oscar-winning Hollywood animation director and sound designer is to join The University of Nottingham’s unique Institute for Screen Industries Research (ISIR) as collaboration between major US studios and the University go from strength to strength.

Gary Rydstrom’s Academy award-winning movie credits include Titanic, Terminator 2 and Jurassic Park. He is a key writer and director at Pixar Studios famous for Toy Story and Finding Nemo and is the latest Hollywood name to join the Institute in its groundbreaking work to link the film industry directly with academic research.        

During a week-long visit to the University in July 2013, Gary will also be given an Honorary Doctorate in recognition of his glittering career in the film industry and contribution to the development of scholarly work on film. Gary will take part in a packed programme of events for the public, staff and students. He’ll be giving lectures and seminars as well as taking part in discussions on ideas generation and innovation in the film industry, both in movie-making and in the changing industry landscape.

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Art + Science = Movies

Reacting to his new academic Fellowship and Honorary Doctorate, Gary Rydstrom said: “Cinema is a powerful blend of art and science. As an advocate of collaboration, within crafts and between traditionally unrelated fields, I follow with great interest the Institute for Screen Industries Research. I am eager to work with the ISIR and am inspired and deeply honoured to receive an honorary degree from The University of Nottingham along the way.”

Director of the Institute for Screen Industries Research, Dr Gianluca Sergi, said:”We are absolutely delighted that Gary will be joining us as our third industrial Visiting Fellow as he has a huge amount of experience at the cutting edge of movie-making. Gary has been a very strong supporter of the Institute’s work from its inception and has already played a great role in opening doors in Hollywood for us to generate new contacts and partnerships.”

Gary Rydstrom follows in the footsteps of Oscar-winning sound designer Randy Thom and Tom Walsh, an Emmy-award winning production designer, who have also visited the University over the past two years to share their expertise and collaborate in new research.   

Twinning with Tinseltown

The University’s Institute of Screen Industries Research is a unique academic centre. It has been set up to bridge the gap between the film business and pioneering academic research and is the first institution in the UK to offer internships to Hollywood studios, Fox and Lionsgate. The Institute will also be offering from 2013 a new programme of postgraduate opportunities in film and TV research, including a brand new MA in Film and Television Industries.  

Staff and researchers across several disciplines including Film/TV, Business and Computer Science also offer the industry expert and cost-effective research back-up. ISIR also provides access to a unique talent development resource and audience testing from the University’s 40,000 students over campuses in Nottingham, China and Malaysia.

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More information is available from Dr Gianluca Sergi, on +44 (0) 115 846 7466,

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