January 2014

Rising to the latest technology challenges in animal research

Replacing the use of animals in studies to test how new drugs developed for a range of diseases affect the heart.

Nottingham receives £14.3m in funding for new research centre

The University of Nottingham has received funding to develop a Synthetic Biology Research Centre which will provide groundbreaking sustainable routes to important chemicals.

Support for 'fracking' continues to decline

A report by experts at The University of Nottingham shows that the public's perception of shale gas is continuing to wane, despite attempts by energy companies to offer 'benefits' to local communities as compensation for fracking.

Innovation Park business develops solar powered computers for Africa

A company based at the University of Nottingham Innovation Park is helping to develop solar classrooms for Africa.

Vive la revolution! How grand opera influenced French political upheaval

The sights, sounds and spectacle of French grand opera may have helped to keep the revolutionary spirit alive in the hearts and minds of Parisian audiences, according to research by a University of Nottingham academic.

Striving for efficient and accessible protection against data protection violation

Obstacles to accessing data protection remedies have been revealed, thanks to new research conducted by The University of Nottingham's Human Rights Law Centre (HRLC).

Pushing the boundaries of uranium research even further

Prestigious grant to develop research at the frontier of fundamental molecular uranium chemistry.

Vital funding for ovarian cancer research

Developing new drugs to target ovarian cancer.

Nottingham is number one in the world for sustainability

The University of Nottingham has been ranked number one in the world in a list of the most sustainable universities.

Sniffed out - the 'gas detectors' of the plant world

Scientists track down the elusive trigger that allows plants to 'see' the gas nitric oxide.

Researchers appeal for help from survivors of domestic violence

Study to gauge patient reaction to new domestic violence nurse specialists.

Local schools embrace art at Lakeside Arts Centre

Lakeside Arts Centre at The University of Nottingham has enabled more than 1,100 local primary and secondary school pupils to learn about and embrace art, thanks to its 'Pop Art to Britart — Modern Masters from the David Ross Collection' exhibition.

Celebrate the Year of the Horse with Lakeside

Welcome in the Year of the Horse with a spectacular fireworks display and traditional Chinese dancing at Lakeside Arts Centre at The University of Nottingham

Food poisoning bug feasts on sugar-coated temptation

Food poisoning bug uses sugar-coated bacterial molecules to colonise and spread.

Nottingham physicists are winning the fight for equality

Physicists recognised for championing gender inequities for students and staff.

Protecting young people from self-harming and suicide

Experts meet to discuss the challenges of tackling the problem of self-harm and suicide among young people.

Chekhoviana — Marketing a foreign classic to British audiences

An exhibition at the University's Weston Gallery explores the theatre programmes, flyers and posters relating to Chekhov productions found in the historic collections at The University of Nottingham.

University goalball club shortlisted for county sports award

The University of Nottingham's Goalball Club, the Nottinghamshire Sheriffs, has been shortlisted for the Nottinghamshire Sport Club of the Year 2013.

Research shows cases of gout soaring but treatment poor

One in 40 people in UK now has gout with rates much higher in men.

Molecular nano-spies to make light work of disease detection

A world of cloak-and-dagger pharmaceuticals has come a step closer with the development of stealth compounds programmed to spring into action when they receive the signal.

£50,000 police grant to forge links between academics and the police

Police forces and academics to examine what works in tackling family violence, exploitation of vulnerable people and radicalisation.

Doctor 'sat nav' project to improve patient care

Out-of-hours hospital doctors are being tracked using the latest technology in a bid to help them become more efficient and improve patient care.

Nottingham is the number one target for graduate employers

According to the latest study by High Fliers Research, the University is the number one choice among the UK's top graduate employers.

Research uncovers key difference between our bodies' fight against viruses and bacteria

Scientists at The University of Nottingham have discovered a key difference in the biological mechanisms by which the immune system responds to viral and bacterial pathogens.

Towards safe and sustainable cooking in Sub-Saharan Africa

University team wins large grant to investigate poor clean cookstove uptake in parts of Africa.

New imaging technique signals a breakthrough in the treatment of IBS

Scientists at The University of Nottingham are leading the world in exploiting MRI technology to assist in the treatment and diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), a condition that causes serious inconvenience and discomfort to sufferers.

Drugs related to cannabis have pain-relieving potential for osteoarthritis

Compounds similar to those found in cannabis could help to reduce osteoarthritis pain.

Smoothing the way to a healthy glow?

A group of students are enjoying a specially designed fruit smoothie a day to discover whether it can improve their appearance and make them feel healthier.

Is silk the right road for eczema treatment?

Three hundred volunteers needed to establish whether or not specialist silk clothing really does help in the treatment of eczema.

New study to ensure justice for life prisoners across globe

In the first study of its kind researchers are to examine life imprisonment on an international scale.
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