February 2016

Get your Frink on

Hundreds of people have been posing with artwork at an exhibition at Nottingham Lakeside Arts.

Three new Social Scientists at The University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham has appointed three top scholars who will use quantitative approaches to Social Science research and teaching as part of a national programme to increase the number of Social Science graduates in the UK.

Nottingham launches a new route into the Arts and Humanities

The University of Nottingham is launching a new entry route for talented students who wish to take an Honours Degree in an Arts subject.

Pioneering work by University of Nottingham contributes to city's historic deal with China

Nottingham and its sister city of Ningbo in China are today (26 February 2016) due to reach an historic deal to become the first UK and Chinese authorities to embark on a five year agreement to develop closer trade, civic, cultural and educational ties. It forms part of the Nottingham's ambition to be the UK's most China-friendly city.

New report delivers verdict on impact and effectiveness of National Teaching Schools

Study led by Nottingham experts concludes Teaching School Alliances have improved sharing of best practice but there is a lack of evidence for improvements in academic achievements so far.

Mirror mirror: Snail shells offer clue in unravelling common origins of body asymmetry

An international team of researchers has discovered a gene in snails that determines whether their shells twist clockwise or anti-clockwise – and could offer clues to how the same gene affects body asymmetry in other animals including humans.

World's largest feathered dinosaur coming to Nottingham

Dinosaur fossils and specimens never before seen outside of Asia, will be coming to Nottingham next year as part of an exhibition which will bring to life the story of how dinosaurs evolved into birds.

Chief Economist from the Bank of England to give public lecture

Andrew Haldane, Chief Economist of the Bank of England, will present a public lecture at The University of Nottingham on Tuesday February 23 2016.

Scholarships to turbo-charge aerospace talent in Malaysia

With sky-high ambitions to grow its aerospace talent pool, the Malaysian government has just awarded £500,000 (RM 3 million) worth of scholarships for the next six years. The scholarships will all support doctoral research students at the Asia Aerospace City Research and Technology Centre (AACRTC) in The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC).

GPs call for more specialist knowledge to manage suicide risk in young people

GPs need more specialist knowledge to assess and manage suicide risk among their young patients, a study led by experts at The University of Nottingham has found.

Get into tech this Saturday and be inspired to work in technology

University of Nottingham computer science students together with @hacksocnotts team up once again to inspire and encourage people of all ages and abilities to pursue technology as a hobby or a career.

Watch your step - forensics close in on footwear analysis

'Watch your step' - an expert at The University of Nottingham has developed a new technique which could lead to a 'step change' in forensic footwear imaging.

Creating the new national tissue directory

University of Nottingham takes leading role in coordinating the UK's first national tissue directory.

Happy Birthday Claudia — family raises £250,000 for brain tumour research

Researchers at the University's Children's Brain Tumour Research Centre have given their thanks to Claudia Burkill's fundraising which has raised a staggering £250,000 to fund research into the disease that claimed her life.

New report calls for improvements to UK cattle vaccination

Research into disease prevention on British dairy farms has revealed a variation in how vaccination strategies are implemented by farmers and vets.

ETI invests £500,000 to further develop Creative Energy Homes

The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) is to invest nearly £500,000 to support the continued development of the University of Nottingham's Creative Energy Homes project.

Stress can activate brown fat

Stress can activate the body's natural fat-fighting defences, a study by experts at The University of Nottingham has revealed.

Crowd sourcing software could help us move house and stay where we are

Moving your house without actually going anywhere isn't new — adaptive architecture has been around since the 1920s. But that was long before sensors and computing. So, how do we bring all those long held ideas and that new technology together?

Experts in rights and justice speak out during LGBT History Month

The world's largest group of Rights and Justice scholars will be marking LGBT History Month at The University of Nottingham through a series of events.

Interactive archway offers words of wisdom for Nottingham's Light Night

Visitors to Nottingham's Light Night event are invited to step into an interactive digital archway. Step through the arch and it will learn something about you and give you a piece of wisdom in return.

Exploring the depths of the South Atlantic Ocean since the last Ice Age

A team of researchers have discovered that the increased levels of CO2 in the atmosphere during the last ice age did not result from reduced density of the deep ocean as previously thought.

'Snow' better way to clean coordinate-measuring machine probes

Manufacturers in search of the most effective, fast and green way to keep coordinate-measuring machine (CMM) probes dirt-free and error-free should use a dry ice technique, known as carbon dioxide 'snow' cleaning.

How does your garden grow? Traditional planting of fruit trees promotes animal diversity in the Malaysian rainforest

Traditional fruit gardens planted by indigenous communities in the Malaysian rainforest increase the diversity of the animals who make it their home, research has found.

New MRI technique offers faster diagnosis of multiple sclerosis

Special imaging process is able to reveal lesions in the brain's white matter that are centred on a vein – a known indicator of MS.
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