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Here are 's current set of observations to review.

Airway is aware of her surroundings and is maintaining her own airway.
Breathing Respiratory rate is 27 bpm, SpO2 92% on air. No audible wheeze. Lactate level is 1.8 mmol/L.
Circulation Heart rate 110 bpm, appears to be in sinus rhythm with ventricular ectopics, pulse feels weak and slightly irregular, BP 87/35, MAP 64, capillary refill time 3 seconds, skin temp cool, temp 38.1°C.
Disability Pupils size 4 equal and reacting to light. Aware of surroundings, BM 11.5 mmol/L.
Exposure Examined skin, cool to touch, sacrum no broken skin but red and blanching. Legs look oedematous and red, small blister on right leg.
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