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Summary and certification

Completion TickSuccess! You've completed this "Exploring the Sepsis Care Bundle" resource.

You have been provided with the opportunity to explore issues involved for a patient, in this case , who was admitted with sepsis. Having completed this learning, you should now be able to:

  • Define sepsis
  • Understand the physiological effects of sepsis
  • Recognise a septic patient
  • Describe the priorities of treating a patient with sepsis

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Your Answers

What are the main causes of sepsis? [Amend]

What changes might you observe and record? [Amend]

What information should be given using SBAR? [Amend]

What are the priorities for a patient in the first few hours of developing sepsis? [Amend]

What sort of things could you be doing whilst you wait for the doctor to arrive? [Amend]

Is there any part of the patient's care that could have been done differently? What went well? [Amend]

What is your analysis of the HDU treatment and care provided? [Amend]

Identify priorities of care for a patient with suspected sepsis: [Amend]

What are you going to take away from this resource to support your care and treatment for future patients? [Amend]