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"This system gives you the chance to gradually develop your abilities… it might be harder to do well in the higher years."

Azi Etire
Student, Faculty of Engineering
Clarifying assessment criteria and setting expectations.

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Academic integrity: plagiarism and cultural difference: Plagiarism has become a major issue in Western academic institutions, and the idea of "plagiarism" is not universal. The reasons given for why students plagiarise range from lack of management skills, beliefs, values, stress, social and peer group pressure. Park (2003:480i) notes that international students have been described as "persistent plagiarisers". In defence, some (Burnett cited in Park 2003) consider international students as generally "unintentional plagiarisers", having inadequate understanding of citation and referencing skills, or lacking in understanding what plagiarism in fact is. This paper looks briefly at the recent recognition of contributions that cultural traditions might be making to the problem of plagiarism, and to the fact that plagiarism is essentially a construct associated with specifically western notions and values.
(Academic integrity: plagiarism and cultural difference)

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"… the culture that a psychologist was working in will be reflected in his school of thought…."


"The focus is around cross-cultural, intercultural communication but it's also about respect, personal interactions, tolerance…."


"The decision was to teach UK spec but also to look at the principles… a much broader framework."

Nicola Pitchford
School of Psychology
Providing a cultural context to the discipline

David Clarke
School of Psychology
Graduate qualities: transferable skills and intercultural competence

Mike Clifford
Faculty of Engineering
National subject specifications and the international context

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Dr Rachel Scudamore

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