School of Pharmacy

If you have a health, welfare or behaviour concern about a current University of Nottingham Student who is studying Pharmacy, please complete the “Concern Form”, sign it and then send by email to (if sending from a UoN account a signature is not required). Alternatively you can post the completed form to “Fitness to Practise Administrator”, Student Services Centre (East), Physics Building, University Park, Nottingham NG7 2RD.  If you have a concern about a student, please do not delay submitting your concern if you aren’t able to send a physically signed version. Scanned or high quality photographs of completed forms will also be accepted.

All concern forms received will be treated as confidential but it cannot be guaranteed that the originator will not be identified to the student concerned. Where a concern about an individual is progressed to a fitness to practise enquiry, only in exceptional circumstances will their identity not be disclosed. Concerns raised anonymously will not normally be considered.

Download the Concern Form here:

 Word-icon50Concern Form (Word document)

PDF50Concern Form (PDF document)

School of Pharmacy

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