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Akmal Sabri

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Chemical Analysis of Polymer Surface and Biointerphase, Faculty of Science



I graduated with a Masters of Pharmacy (MPharm) in 2016 from University of Nottingham. Prior to my undergraduate course, I've undertaken a short research at University Putra Malaysia where I investigated the effect of anthocyanins from garcinia mangostana in inducing apoptosis in MCF-7 human breast cancer cell line.

During my my undergraduate degree, I was awarded the Wellcome Trust Summer Scholarship that gave the opportunity to work with Dr Pavel Gershkovich and his team to develop a HPLC-UV method for detecting cannabinoids in rat plasma. In my research year of my MPharm course, I undertook a project with Dr Snow Stolnik and Dr Giuseppe Mantovani that investigated the effect of how mannosylated liposomes interact with the ligand binding proteins, lectin. In the same year, I was also granted the Royal Society of Chemistry summer scholarship that gave me the chance to work with Dr Mischa Zelzer and Dr Maria Marlow in investigating the effect of surface chemistry on supramolecular gelation.

I was awarded the University of Nottingham Vice Chancellor Research Excellence scholarship in tandem with funding from the EPSRC that gave me the opportunity to join the Centre of Doctoral Training (CDT) for Advance Therapeutics and Nanomedicine. Under the supervision of Dr Maria Marlow and Dr David Scurr, my PhD project involves the fabrication of novel delivery system with the aim of improving the therapy of basal cell carcinoma.

After my PhD, I worked as a postdoc with Prof. Ryan Donnelly, where I worked on several projects with industrial partners, global nonprofit organisation as well as funding bodies such as Johnson & Johnson, MSD, TSRL, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Randox, Curiva, Wellcome Trust and EPSRC involving the development and translation microarray patches for clinical application. This entails synthesising new polymers and engineering new microneedle systems to meet the therapeutic demands of different diseases and biodiagnostic requirements.

I am currently working under Prof Morgan Alexander in the development and design of bio-instructive materials for translation-ready medical devices. This is a collaborative project involving other postdocs from the School of Pharmacy, the School of Computer Science, Physics and Astronomy, the School of Life Sciences, and the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Nottingham Specifically, I will be conducting chemical and topographical analysis (ToF and OrbiTrap Secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS), X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) atomic force microscopy (AFM), circular dichroism (CD) and optical profilometry to characterise polymer chips as well as monitoring surface adsorbates from cell culture media in order to detect small and macromolecules which may provide insight into the performance of biomaterials. It is hoped that the output of this work will provide the fundamental knowledge needed in the development of biomedical devices with high translational value that could make significant impact in clinical practice.

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