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Felicity De Cogan

Assistant Professor in Pharmaceutical Science of Biological Medicines, Faculty of Science



I attained an MChem in Chemistry from the University of York in 2008. I then joined the University of Manchester to undertake a PhD under the supervision of Professor Julie Gough and Dr Simon Webb. I then moved to the University of Birmingham to undertake postdoctoral positions in Material Science, Drug Delivery, Ophthalmology and Translational Healthcare Technologies. I was awarded the ARVO/Genentech Fellowship in 2015, The Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowship in 2016 and the Birmingham Fellowship in 2017. I joined the University of Nottingham in 2022 as Assistant Professor in the School of Pharmacy.

Research Summary

My research focuses on the design and translation of novel technologies from bench to bedside to solve clinical problems in 3 main areas:

1) Delivery of biological molecules. Biological therapeutics are key treatments for a number of diseases. However, the delivery of the therapeutic to the target location can be challenging. My research focuses on drug delivery and penetration enhancing systems which can translocate the target therapeutic into tissue.

2) Development of synthetic alternatives to biologicals for the treatment of disease. The manufacture of biological molecules on the scale and purity level required for treatment can be challenging. This research focuses on developing small synthetic alternatives to desired biological molecules to accelerate the pathway to the clinic.

3) Development of novel antimicrobial technologies. With the global problem of antimicrobial resistance the need for novel antimicrobial technologies is pressing. My research focuses on developing a range of antimicrobial materials from coating implantable orthopaedic materials to developing anti-viral air filters.

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