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Frankie Rawson

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Dr Frankie Rawson is an accomplished cross-disciplinary scientist who has made significant contributions at the intersection of bioelectronics, biosensors, bioelectricity, and electrochemistry.

He is the Deputy Director of the Biodiscovery Institute (2023). Recently appointed Head of Division of Regenerative Medicine and Cellular Therapies (2024).

Dr Frankie Rawson holds a diverse academic background with expertise in bioelectronics, biosensors, bioelectricity, and electrochemistry. Their multidisciplinary approach combines principles from biology, electronics, and electrochemistry to develop innovative solutions for understanding and manipulating biological systems.

Research Accomplishments:

  1. Bioelectronic Devices: Frankie Rawson has been at the forefront of developing bioelectronic devices that interface with biological systems. Their research involves designing and fabricating novel electronic devices capable of interacting with living cells, tissues, or organisms. These devices have applications in areas such as cardio biology , regenerative medicine, and bioelectronic medicine.

  2. Biosensors and Bioelectricity: Frankie Rawson has made significant contributions to the field of biosensors, particularly in the development of sensitive and selective detection platforms. Their research focuses on leveraging bioelectricity and electrochemical techniques to detect and quantify biomolecules of interest. These biosensors have potential applications in healthcare diagnostics, environmental monitoring, and food safety.

  3. Electrochemical Methods in Biological Systems: Frankie Rawson's expertise extends to the application of electrochemical methods for studying biological systems. They have developed innovative electrochemical techniques to investigate the redox processes and electron transfer mechanisms involved in biological reactions. Their research has shed light on important biochemical processes and has implications for fields such as enzymology, metabolic engineering, and bioenergetics.

  4. Collaborative Research: Frankie Rawson actively collaborates with scientists from various disciplines, including biologists, chemists, engineers, and medical researchers. Their cross-disciplinary approach fosters collaborations that drive innovation and lead to the development of integrated solutions for complex biological challenges.

Impact and Future Directions: Dr Frankie Rawson's research has had a significant impact on the fields of bioelectronics, biosensors, bioelectricity, and electrochemistry. Their work has advanced our understanding of the interface between biology and electronics, enabling the development of cutting-edge technologies and techniques for monitoring and manipulating biological systems. Frankie's contributions can potentially revolutionise fields such as healthcare, personalised medicine, and bioengineering. Most recently the group have pioneered the world first quantum therapy which paves the way for a new therapeutic intervention.

Dr Frankie Rawson's expertise as a cross-disciplinary scientist in bioelectronics, biosensors, bioelectricity, and electrochemistry has positioned them as a leading figure in these interdisciplinary fields. Their research accomplishments, development of bioelectronic devices, advancements in biosensing technologies, and innovative approaches to studying electrochemical processes in biological systems have made a lasting impact. Dr Frankie Rawson's work continues to push the boundaries of scientific knowledge and holds great promise for transformative applications in various domains.

Expertise Summary

Dr Rawson's research is truly multidisciplinary spanning the chemical-biology interface. Therefore, his expertise spans multiple disciplines, including Electrochemistry, Cell Surface Biochemistry, Bionanotechnology, Surface Chemistry, Electroceutics, Functional Materials and Biosensors, and Bioelectronics.

Teaching Summary

Module Convener

Future Medicine (2022-present)

Advanced Drug Delivery (2019-2022)

Dr Rawson teaches the Pharmacy module Medical Diagnostics (B34MED) and Masters in Bioengineering module Biomedical Applications of Biomaterials (MM4BAB), Advanced drug Delivery (Phar2014) , Future Medicines (Pharm 4014) and MSc in Oncology.

Research Summary

His research interests are to develop smart novel bioelectronic nano-system for studying and controlling cellular processes on a molecular scale. This involves fundamental studies of charge transfer… read more

Recent Publications

Current Research

His research interests are to develop smart novel bioelectronic nano-system for studying and controlling cellular processes on a molecular scale. This involves fundamental studies of charge transfer from prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells in addition to break through methodologies of surfaces functionalization and control on the nano-scale.

Current projects underway include:

Hijacking transplasma membrane electron transport systems (EPSRC)

Electrochemical differentiation of cell states (BBSRC)

Interfacing cells with electrocatalytic sensors for real-time cell communication (Leverhulme Trust)

Advanced manufacturing of macroporous nanoelectronic artificial functional scaffolds for synthetic tissues

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