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He graduated from China State Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry with MSc in Medicine, following his undergraduate studies in Pharmacy at Harbin Medical University. During his postgraduate study, his had a particular interest in the preclinical pharmacokinetic evaluation and bioanalysis using LC-MS/MS. After that, he finished the job at Shanghai Institute for Food and Drug Control, where his main job focused on the quality control of natural medicine and monitored the risk of heavy metal contamination in food and drugs. Particularly, he studied determination method of mercury and arsenic speciation and their valence states in the natural medicine. In the University of Nottingham, his project is cell-based metabolomics using advanced analytical method for biomarker identification analysis and drug repurposing.

Research Summary

Title: Investigating anti-tumour effects and associated metabolomic profiling of repurposed therapeutics for glioblastoma

Supervisor: Dong-hyun Kim (

Summary: The project is expected to investigate the anti-tumour effect and associated metabolomic profiling of repurposed therapeutics on patient derived glioblastoma cell lines, and to depict the drug mode action by advanced metabolomic methods.

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