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Mohammed Tahir Ansari

Associate Professor,



Dr Mohammed Tahir Ansari is presently working as an Associate Professor at School of Pharmacy, University of Nottingham Malaysia. He has worked with various reputed national and international institute like NIPER (India), Amity University Uttar Pradesh (India) and Universiti Kuala Lumpur Royal College of Medicine Perak (Malaysia). Dr. Tahir is a Pharmacist and his research area focuses on enhancing bioavailability of drugs. This specifically involves inclusion complexes, nanosization, liposomal drug delivery system. He is also involved in conducting public health survey studies on vaccination and immunization. He is also working in reducing the toxicity of cyclodextrin by enhancing the complexation efficiency of cyclodextrin to make the drug inclusion complexes more compatible. At present He is working on curcumin and resveratrol to improve its pharmacological effects for lung cancer treatments

Expertise Summary

  • Formulation and evaluation of nano-liposomal creams
  • Bio availability enhancement of pharmaceuticals by complexation techniques
  • Application of multivariate analysis techniques in analytical method development & quality by design concept in design and development of pharmaceutical formulations
  • Design and development of nano particulate and nano liposomal drug delivery systems
  • Formulation of rectal drug delivery system

Teaching Summary

Advanced Drug Delivery (PHAR3013 UNMC)

Bacterial and Fungal Infections (PHAR1012 UNMC)

Biopharmaceutics (PHAR2013 UNMC)

Cardiovascular (PHAR2018 UNMC)

GI and Liver Disorders (PHAR2016 UNMC)

Laboratory Studies in Pharmaceutical Sciences 1 (PHAR1022 UNMC)

Laboratory Studies in Pharmaceutical Sciences 2 (PHAR2012 UNMC)

Pain (PHAR2021 UNMC)

Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Project (PHAR3015 UNMC)

Pharmaceutics 1: Physicochemical Science and Medicines Design (PHAR1007 UNMC)

Pharmaceutics 2 : Pharmaceutical Technology (PHAR2011 UNMC)

Research Projects

Sexual Health and Pregnancy (PHAR2020 UNMC)

Research Summary

1. Formulation and Evaluation of Nanoparticulate drug delivery system for Resveratrol with an aim to increase its biovailability and therepeutic applications.

2. Co- Investigator in Development of Automated Epileptic Seizure Detection & Drug Based Prevention Device along with Researchers in Monash University, Malaysia

3. Co- Investigator in the development of Embelin-Poloxamer conjugate as a synergistic combination for neurodegenerative diseases in collaboration with Monash University, Malaysia.

4. Increasing drug solubility by cyclodextrin complexations.

Selected Publications

  • HASNAIN, MD SAQUIB, GURU, PRAVAT RANJAN, RISHISHWAR, POONAM, ALI, SADATH, ANSARI, MOHAMMED TAHIR and NAYAK, AMIT KUMAR, 2020. Atenolol-releasing buccal patches made of Dillenia indica L. fruit gum: preparation and ex vivo evaluations SN Applied Sciences. 2(1), 57
  • MOHAMMAD, SAQUIB HASNAIN, RISHISHWAR, POONAM, ALI, SADATH, ALKAHTANI, SAAD, TABISH, MOHAMMAD, MILIVOJEVIC, M, MOHAMMED TAHIR, ANSARI and NAYAK, AMIT KUMAR, 2020. Formulation and ex vivo skin permeation of lidocaine HCl topical gels using dillenia (Dillenia indica L.) fruit gum Revista Mexicana de Ingeniería Química. 19(3), 1185
  • MOHAMMED TAHIR, ANSARI, FARHEEN, MOHD SAMI, MOHAMMAD, SAQUIB HASNAIN, SHAHNAZ, MAJEED and SADATH, ALI, 2020. Recent Advances in the Development of Solid Oral Dosage Forms. In: BEG, SARWAR, ROBAIAN, M.A., RAHMAN, M., IMAM, S.S. and ALRUWAILI, N., eds., Pharmaceutical Drug Product Development and Process Optimization: Effective Use of Quality by Design Apple Academic Press, Elsevier Publication.
  • NAYAK, AMIT KUMAR, MAZUMDER, SARMISTHA, ARA, TAHSEEN JAHAN, MOHAMMED TAHIR, ANSARI and MOHAMMAD, SAQUIB HASNAIN, 2019. Calcium fluoride-based dental nanocomposites. In: ABDULLAH M. ASIRI, and INAMUDDIN, ALI MOHAMMAD, eds., Applications of Nanocomposite Materials in Dentistry Woodhead Publishing. 27-45

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