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Zheying Zhu

Associate Professor in International Pharmacy & Traditional Medicines, Course Director of BSc International Pharmacy, Faculty of Science



I obtained BSc Pharmacy (1986) and MSc Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics (1989) from China Pharmaceutical University, following which I was appointed as Lecturer in Pharmaceutics at the same university (1989 - 1991). I attained my PhD in 1992 under the supervision of Professor Mike Richards in the School of Pharmacy, The Robert Gordon University (Scotland, UK). After completing my PhD studies in 1995, I spent two years working as a post-doc fellow in the Department of Pharmacy, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. In 1997 I returned to the UK to continue my research of topical drug delivery at the Department of Pharmacy, King's College London, and developed label-free quantitative Proteomics with its application for toxicology research in the laboratory of Professor Allan Boobis and Dr Rob Edwards at the Centre of Therapeutics and Toxicology, Imperial College London. In 2010 I was appointed as Senior Lecturer of Pharmacology in the Department of Life Sciences, University of Bedfordshire and developed and led the MSc Pharmacology course. In 2016 I joined the School of Pharmacy at Nottingham as Associate Professor and the course Director of the BSc International Pharmacy, a part of the first UK-China Joint Clinical Pharmacy program.

Teaching Summary

New course development & management:

BSc International Pharmacy TUTCM

Module teaching delivery and management:

Lectures/workshops: BSc Year 1; Six modules (GIL, AAI, CVS, RED, PIN, SHP) of MPharm/BSc Year 2; Natural Product of MSci Pharmaceutical Science Year 3

Research Summary

My research lies in pre-clinical pharmacology and drug development, in particular, development of in vitro and in vivo models for screening drugs and pre-clinical evaluation of novel drug candidates… read more

Recent Publications

Current Research

My research lies in pre-clinical pharmacology and drug development, in particular, development of in vitro and in vivo models for screening drugs and pre-clinical evaluation of novel drug candidates in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, cancer and infection. Integrated application of metabolomics (LC-MS, OrbiSIMS, AP-MALDI) with imaging techniques is adapted for mechanistic studies on efficacy and toxicity of new drug candidates and/or drug delivery systems.

The research projects currently available in my group include:

1) Alzheimer's disease: discovery and validation of novel drug targets, pre-clinical evaluation of new drug candidates in the in vitro cells based and in vivo animal models including Drosophila, iPSC-derived, CRISPR-Cas9 gene edited, transgenic and/or gene edited mice.

2) Cancers: pharmacological evaluation in vitro and in vivo of novel anti-cancer drug candidates, and development of novel nanosystems for enhanced or targeted delivery of anti-cancer drugs locally and systemically.

3) Infections: evaluation of anti-bacterial efficacy of natural pure compounds and their novel derivatives on oral and GIT bacteria including clinical strains, explore mechanisms of antibiotic resistance at cellular and molecular levels.

4) Formulation and delivery systems of biologics as gene therapy.

We are always looking for new research members to join the group to experience the excitement of research and make new discoveries. Places for research students (PhD or MRes) are available on all the above projects. Please get in touch to discuss if you are interested in the research areas. For international students, there are scholarship schemes to receive support, please get in touch for up to date information.

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