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C12 Physics
Monday 16th July 2018 (14:30-15:30)

Prof Amalia Patane



Application-driven optoelectronics based on III-V nanostructures and plasmonics

Seminar – Monday 16th July, C12, 2:30pm


Diana Huffaker,Professor

Ser Cymru Chair, Advanced Materials and Devices, Cardiff University, Wales

Adjunct Professor, California Nano-Systems Institute, UCLA, Los Angeles, California

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Realizing the integration of nanostructures into useful devices and photonic systems has been a topic in hot pursuit for almost a decade.  While many groups demonstrate innovative synthesis techniques and compelling device possibilities, true utility has not yet been realized. In this work, we focus on photolithographically defined nanopillars: the diameter, pitch and mask arrangement can be precisely pre-determined at nanometric resolution.  Our approach, in contrast to catalyzed synthesis, allows exquisite control of material composition and doping thus enabling the possibility of competitive device realization.  This presentation includes discussion of application driven device design based in nanostructures and plasmonics.  Device demonstrations include hybrid photovoltaics, room-temperature, nanobeam lasers and plasmonic-enhanced single-photon avalanche photodetectors (SPAPD) featuring self-aligned subwavelength metal grating.  

Diana Huffaker, FIEEE, FOSA, FLSW currently holds the Welsh Government Ser Cymru Chair in Advanced Materials and Engineering. She is science director of the newly formed Institute for Compound Semiconductors (ICS) at Cardiff University.  She maintains Adjunct Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of California at Los Angeles where she directs the Integrated NanoMaterials Laboratory.  Professor Huffaker has co-authored over >250 refereed journal publications with more than 11000 citations and many invited presentations world-wide. Her research interests include advanced materials, nanostructures, quantum technologies and optical integration on Si.  She is a Fellow of OSA, IEEE, Learned Society of Wales and the Humboldt Society along with Photonics Society Distinguished Lecturer. She is an active participant in the technical community with leadership roles in many international societies including IEEE, SPIE, SWE, WISE, MRS, OSA and TMS and involved in local and national community programs.

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