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The School of Physics & Astronomy is engaged in a wide range of activities designed to help get schools and the wider community involved in cutting-edge physics and astronomy. If you want to take part in any of these free programmes, or would like to develop some new activity with us, contact the School of Physics & Astronomy's Outreach Officer Chris Staddon.


Public Science Lectures
We frequently run popular science lectures aimed at the general public. These are usually early evening events given in the Physics Building on the University Park campus.

The Inflativerse
The University of Nottingham's Inflatable Planetarium





Masterclasses **Applications closed - Fully Booked**

An opportunity for Year 12 and 13 students to learn about current advances in the subject, and to get hands-on experience in university laboratories.

Nottingham Physics Centre Lectures
The Nottingham Physics Centre provides talks and presentations on many aspects of Physics, both pure and applied. We aim to make the lectures accessible to all with an interest in Science. However, we make particular efforts to ensure that the lectures are presented at a level which is appropriate to sixth form students of Physics and first year University undergraduates.

Exploring Physics
We host the Exploring Physics conference in April. The Exploring Physics conferences aim to motivate and inform students studying physics at both A and AS level with a blend of topics and speakers designed to offer an insight into modern physics.

Taster Days
These will include mini lectures, demonstrations and lab work. Although these days are free, a £10 per head returnable deposit is required. Click here for more details.

  • Year 12: Friday 1st July 2016 (Revised Date)
    Applications from individuals are encouraged
    Year 12 Booking Form

The Inflativerse
The University of Nottingham's Inflatable Planetarium

Trickle down activities
Our PhD students help your year 9s prepare activities to deliver to year 6 pupils from your feeder schools. We can offer these aimed at Science Week, and for year 6 transition days in July.
Teacher Support
If you are a teacher and have a question about physics or require material to assist your teaching then please contact the Outreach Officer Chris Staddon.


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