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Science Public Lectures

Welcome to the Science public lecture series!

This series of talks is open to all and free to attend. lectures are held once a month, on the third Thursday of each month. We welcome speakers in all areas of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) from across the University of Nottingham, and we hope you can join us to hear about some of the fascinating research that is being undertaken at the university.  

Colleagues from across the university’s science community have been jointly hosting a series of public science lectures for over 10 years following on from the successful lectures organised for the International Year of Astronomy (2009), Int. Year of Chemistry (2011), and the series organised by the East Midlands British Science Association. 

The series is currently organised by colleagues within the Institute of Policy and Engagement and Dr. Hilary Collins (School of Pharmacy).

If you would like any more information about the series or would like to be added to the mailing list, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  



Upcoming events: 

Please check back soon for more details on upcoming lectures!


Featured lecture - From cancer vaccines to Covid19 and back, Professor Cameron Alexander

Hosted in December 2020

Previous lectures:

20 April 2023: Dr Daniel Jolley - The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories

19 January 2023: Dr Susannah Lydon - More Than Dinosaur Food: What Plant Fossils Can Tell Us

15 December: Angela Thornton - From Memory to Mind Uploading

17 November: Dr Lisa Yon - Introducing the Elephant Welfare Project

15 September: Prof Jorma Louko - Black Holes in the Sky and in the Laboratory

21 July: Prof Marcus Kaiser - Changing Connectomes

16 June: Dr Emma Chapman - First Light (please note, this recording is from a previous event due to a technical difficulty on the evening but content is the same)

19 May: Dr Miriam O'Duill - Molecule Makers

21 April: Dr Tom Reader - Not the sincerest form of flattery

17 March 2022: Dr Mark Humphries - I, Spike

21 October: Dr Colin Johnson - Will a Robot take my Job?

16 September: Dr Julian O'Nions - Crazy interstellar rockets

19 August: Professor William Irving - Hepatitis C: from discovery to cure to elimination in 40 years?

15 July: Professor Guruprasad Aithal - From the individual to the general

17 June: Professor Gary Mirams - Mathematical Matters of the Heart

20 May: Professor Tony Pridmore - Feeding the World with Computers - Robot vision can improve crops

15 April: Professor Philip Moriarty - Are the Nanobots nigh, when artificial intelligence meets nanotech

18 March: Professor Ricky Wildman - All Watched Over by 3D Printers of Loving Grace

18 February: Professor Morgan Alexander - Biomaterials discovery: the journey to clinical application of a novel urinary catheter 

21 January 2021: Professor KL Cheung - Optimising the management of older women with breast cancer

17 December: Professor Cameron Alexander - From cancer vaccines to Covid19 and back

19 November: Professor Sara Goodacre - Smarter than a spider: nature inspired biomaterials and pest control

15 October: Dr Darren Walsh - Making Electrons Work Harder: The Future of Energy Storage and Transportation

20 August: Profesor Seamus Garvey - Why (and how) the UK will be powered primarily by offshore wind in 2030 

16 July: Dr Andrew Green - Using breast cancer tissue in research 

18 June: Professor Andrei Khlobystov -  Chemistry in the World's Tiniest Test Tube

Previous lectures can be found here 

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