School of Physics & Astronomy

Lectures on Identity

Are we what we achieve, or just the matter we consist of?
What defines us? Our gender, our deeds, our language?
Are we more than our genes? Are we ultimately just made of identical particles?

Lectures on Identity is a new weekly lecture series exploring identity from a multi-disciplinary perspective.
Hear from physicists, philosophers, biologists and linguists on whether it’s atoms or art, looks or language that define us as humans.

All lectures will be given Wednesdays 5-6pm, in B1

Identical Identity – Clone Stories
20th Nov. 2013
John Marks
School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies

How to Be Somebody Else – Mimicry
27th Nov. 2013
Francis Gilbert
School of Life Sciences

I Know Who You Are – Science With a Criminal Touch
4th Dec. 2013
Dianne Toyne and Shaun Beebe
East Midlands Forensics - Fingerprints Service

A Thing Is a Thing Is a Thing – The Ship of Theseus
11th Dec. 2013
Jonathan Tallant
Department of Philosophy

One and the Same – Identity in Quantum Physics
29th Jan. 2014
Philip Moriarty
School of Physics and Astronomy

Me, myself and I - decide today, regret tomorrow?
5th Feb. 2014
Fanja Ziegler
School of Psychology, University of Lincoln

Who we were - from the age of identity to the end of identity?
12th Feb. 2014
Maiken Umbach
Department of History

Who we are - (de)constructing national narrative
19th Feb. 2014
Gregor Engelmann
School of Geography

All for one and one for all - ants, bees, and the unit of natural selection
26th Feb. 2014
John Brookfield
School of Life Sciences

I am monkey, I am robot, I am not – the Darwinian account of identity
5th Mar. 2014
Conor Cunningham
Department of Theology and Religious Studies

Portraits or headshots - depiction and deception in photography
12th Mar. 2014
Andrzej Dragan
Photographer, Warsaw, Poland

You are nobody - contemporary slavery
19th Mar. 2014
Zoe Trodd
Department of American & Canadian Studies

Knowing me, knowing you - identity and dementia
26th Mar. 2014
Tom Dening
Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences

I want to be what I am - self-identity processes and coping
2nd Apr. 2014
Rusi Jaspal
School of Applied Social Sciences, De Montfort University, Leicester

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