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Adam Berrington

Beacon Early Career Research Fellow, Faculty of Science



After graduating with an MSci degree in Physics from the University of Bristol in 2012, I moved to the University of Oxford to carry out my DPhil research under the supervision of Dr. Uzay Emir and Prof. Peter Jezzard. My thesis was entitled "Magnetic resonance spectroscopy of the in vivo brain with semi-LASER" and I graduated in 2017. I then moved to the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA, where I worked as postdoctoral researcher under the guidance of Prof. Peter Barker. I have now recently started at University of Nottingham as an Early Career Fellow in the Precision Imaging Beacon.

Expertise Summary

My research interest is in the development and implementation of techniques for magnetic resonance (MR) spectroscopy. MR spectroscopy allows for the non-invasive measurement of neurochemical levels in vivo across the brain, hence it is a valuable tool for neuroscience research and in clinical settings. I am particularly interested in improving the diagnostic ability of MR spectroscopy through standardisation, development of novel acquisition and the use of ultra-high field strength magnets (>= 7 T).

I have an ongoing interest in the use of MR spectroscopy to distinguish metabolic subtypes of glioma in patients through detection of 2-hydroxyglurate (2-HG) as well as the use of MR spectroscopy in monitoring interventions. I am also involved in an ongoing collaboration which aims to harmonize aspects of MRS acquisition between vendors using a semi-LASER sequence. My current research interests are to explore the potential of parallel transmission strategies such as localised RF shimming to overcome challenges associated with ultra-high field acquisition.

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