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Nick Botterill

Senior Technical Manager and Facilities Manager, Faculty of Science



I am the Facilities and Technical Manager for the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Nottingham. As a materials engineer by background, I have 20+ years of experience in a wide range of engineering and scientific disciplines, supporting the research and commercialisation of new technologies in both industry and academia. I have specific interests in the fields of vacuum science and thin film deposition, having previously developed and commercialised coatings in a variety of areas including orthopaedics/biomaterials, energy storage and food processing.

My previous role within the Faculty of Engineering have concentrated on providing engineering and practical research expertise to a wide variety of industrial projects, specifically focused on improving SME access to UoN's energy research portfolio and also providing support for the new Research Acceleration and Demonstration (RAD) building development on Jubilee Campus and the Creative Energy Homes on University Park.

Prior to rejoining the University in 2014, I spent 8 years as Research and Commercialisation Manager of the Energy and Engineering division of Eminate Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the University of Nottingham.

Recent Publications


Patent: Devices Inhibiting Bacterial Attachment, BOTTERILL NICHOLAS WILLIAM [GB]; GRANT DAVID MALCOM [GB]

Elmrabet, N., Botterill, N., Grant, D. M., & Brown, P. D. (2015). Characterisation of mg biodegradable stents produced by magnetron sputtering. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 644(1) doi:10.1088/1742-6596/644/1/012036

Guan, W., Möbus, G., Hill, C., Hatton, P., Austin, W., Lester, E., Botterill, N., Grant, D. Nanometrology Of Hydroxiapatite Nanostructures Via Tomography (2012) Microscopy and Microanalysis, 18, pp. 1610-1611.

Nicholas W. Botterill, David M. Grant, Novel micro-thermal characterisation of thin film NiTi shape memory alloys, Materials Science and Engineering: A, Volume 378, Issue 1, 2004, Pages 424-428, ISSN 0921-5093

Botterill, N.W., Grant, D.M., Zhang, J., Roberts, C.J. A new approach to characterization of the transition temperatures of thin film NiTi shape memory alloys (2004) Journal of Materials Research, 19 (6), pp. 1762-1767

Jianxin Zhang, Nicholas W. Botterill, Clive J. Roberts, David M. Grant, Micro-thermal analysis of NiTi shape memory alloy thin films, Thermochimica Acta, Volume 401, Issue 2, 2003, Pages 111-119, ISSN 0040-6031

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