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Olga Fernholz

I am the careers lead for the School of Physics and Astronomy and placements manager arranging internships and year in industry placements for physics students. I am also a teaching associate teaching professional and business skills to physics students., Faculty of Science



I have a Master's degree in Science, Technology and Society from Lund University, Sweden, and a background in humanities (Germanic languages and Western literature). My Master's thesis focused on researching structures of scientific collaboration and value of fundamental science research, on the example of QUANTOP, a fundamental science research centre in quantum optics at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen.

Upon moving to Nottingham, I completed an interdisciplinary PhD in the Digital Economy and Innovation Management at the Horizon Digital Economy Doctoral Training Centre at the School of Computer Science, UoN. I studied the ecosystem organisation of a modern high-tech company. My case study was the British semiconductor IP designer ARM Holdings, whose technology powers billions of smart connected devices and underpins 95% of all mobile phones. ARM nurtures a unique Ecosystem of Partners who combine expertise to develop new exciting ubiquitous computing technology.

Expertise Summary

My current role as the careers lead for the School of Physics and Astronomy has evolved from the placement managing role where I connect students with industrial companies and research organsiations that need physics expertise. I am also a teaching associate involved in teaching Communications Skills and the Politics, Perception and Philosophy of Physics modules.

I provide career advice and mentoring to physics students on their way to finding exciting career opportunities. We always aim to explore broadly and look beyond the definition of a "typical physics job". Physics students are highly skilled at problem solving, data analysis, and research, alongside the knowledge of physics fundamentals and we also aim to equip students with the skills of reflective learning, peer-to-peer interaction, communication and interpersonal skills during their studies at the School.

The School of Physics and Astronomy is part of the White Rose Industrial Physics Academy (WRIPA), a partnership of five university physics departments led by the University of York, hence the white rose. I am the WRIPA coordinator at Nottingham and jointly, we organise career talks, site visits to companies and workshops for physics students to allow them to develop an outlook and reflection that would help them navigate through the employment market and find fulfilling jobs.

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