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School of Physics and Astronomy Colloquia

This Colloquium series hosts prominent scientists who will discuss some of the newest developments in physics and astronomy. It is aimed at a general physics audience at a level accessible to physics PhD students.

All Colloquia will be held in Physics building at 4pm followed by refreshments in room C10.



Academic Year 2018/2019

24/01/2018 Prof Frank Close Department of Physics, University of Oxford Half Life - divided lives of Bruno Pontecorvo, physicist or spy? B13
25/04/2018 Dr Matt Brookes Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre,University of Nottingham Quantum Sensing the Brain B13
23/05/2018 Dr Nir Navon Yale University Turbulence in a Quantum Gas B13
30/01/2019 Prof Becky Parker Queen Mary, University of London TBA B13
27/02/2019 Prof Roger Davies University of Oxford TBA B13

Previous academic year 

21/11/2017 Prof Jonathan Home, Department of Physics,Institute for Quantum Electronics,Switzerland
11/10/2017 Dr Karen Masters,University of Portsmouth
28/06/2017 Prof Carlos Frenk, Durham University
22/02/2017 Prof Gianluca Gagliardi, National Institute of Optics (INO), Italian Researdh Council
25/01/2017 Prof Stephen Fairhurst, Cardiff University
27/01/2016 Prof Edwards Hinds, Imperial College, London
18/02/2016 Pro Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler, University of Mainz
09/03/2016 Pro Carl M.Bender, Washington University in St Louis
25/05/2016 Dr Alexey Potapov, University of Nottingham
08/06/2016 Prof Robert Kennicutt FRS, University of Cambridge, Institute of Astronomy
26/10/2016 Dr Mark Richards, Imperial College London
10/11/2016 Prof Bill Unruh, University of British Colombia
16/11/2016 Special Double Colloquium. Prof Klemens Hammerer, Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Hannover/Prof Dr Joerg Schmiedmayer, Vienna Centre for Quantum Science and Technology.
23/11/2016 Dr Jacob Sherson, CODER Department of Physics and Astronomy, Aarhus University Ny



Juan P. Garrahan (Condensed-matter theory)

Philip Moriarty (Experimental CM/Nanoscience)

Matthew Brookes (Magnetic Resonance)

Lucia Hackermüller (Cold Atoms)

David Maltby (Astronomy)

Tony Padilla (Particle Theory)

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