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Damsels in Redress conference, April 2017

Postgraduate research student Robyn Muir reports on the 'Damsels in Redress' conference she attended in April with support from the School of Politics and IR PGR fund.


The Damsels in Redress Conference was a fantastic opportunity for me to meet academics in similar research areas and receive feedback on my work.

I met a number of academics from a number of interdisciplinary backgrounds, as well as private sector individuals who write fairy tales. I have made a number of connections with academics from English, Popular Culture as well as Media Studies departments who provided new insights into the concept of fairy tales and Disney. I also had the opportunity to meet Amy Davis, a leading scholar in the field of Disney, and she invited me to attend her module 'Disney and Gender' at the University of Hull in the next academic year if I felt this would be beneficial to my research.

From a research perspective, I received very helpful feedback on my paper about the recent Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast reimaginings, where my concept of princess 'waves' was very well received.

I would like to thank the PGR Committee for awarding me the funds to be able to attend this conference, I believe I have met some fantastic colleagues and have received feedback on my work that will improve my thesis greatly.

Robyn Muir
School of Politics and International Relations, University of Nottingham

Posted on Friday 21st July 2017

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