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Dr Andrea Nicholson Receives 'Rising Star Award' for Policy Impact

Congratulations to the School of Politics and International Relations' Dr Andrea Nicholson for being awarded the Policy Impact Rising Star Award by the University of Nottingham Institute for Policy and Engagement. 

The award is presented to staff in the early stages of an academic or research-only career who have worked with politicians, civil servants or any other type of policymakers or influencers with the aim of influencing public policy with their research findings. 

Dr Nicholson's research focuses on the narratives and antislavery ideas of survivors of slavery. This includes work on survivors' definitions of slavery, and work with government bodies and NGOs on their victim support and policies. Andrea was recognised for her extensive work with a range of stakeholders including the World Health Organization, EU Fundamental Rights Agency, UN Special Rapporteur on Contemporary for of Slavery, UK Home Office, Antislavery International, and Nottinghamshire Police. Her work has been vital to developments in modern slavery policy including co-authoring a cost benefit analysis of the provisions in the Modern Slavery (Victim Support) Bill. Her study was described as “essential in persuading my colleagues to support the bill” by Lord McColl and the UK Independent Anti-Slavery Commission highlighted the report in her Strategic Plan for 2019-21.

Andrea’s work with the home office was also used in the judicial review which led to the Home Office conceding that their policy breached international treaty obligations causing them to withdraw the law. Furthermore, her submission resulted in the release of new statutory guidance requiring a new re-trafficking risk assessment to be undertaken in potential disqualification cases in support options for the new modern slavery contract.

Congratulations Andrea!

Posted on Tuesday 21st May 2024

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