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Viva Success for Postgraduate Student Joseph Place

We are delighted to announce that School of Politics and International Relations doctoral researcher Joseph Place has recently passed his PhD viva.

Joe's thesis 'The Proper Role of Economic Liberty and Property Ownership in a Political Liberal Framework' explores the question of the role of to what degree of freedom should private productive property owners have. He discusses how can a political framework best ensure the conditions for individuals to pursue their conceptions of the good life with a particular focus on business ownership, meaningful work, domination, and also new technologies such as AI, and makes a case for a political model which is distinct from those developed by both Rawlsians and the “neo-classical liberals”, which is consistent with political liberalism.

His thesis was examined by Dr Gulshan Khan and Dr Tom Parr (University of Warwick)

Congratulations Joe!

Posted on Thursday 29th February 2024

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