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Dr. Andreas Fulda studied political science in Germany, Taiwan and UK. As a trained political scientist Dr Fulda has specialized in the analysis of the interplay between political institutions and civil society in the Greater China region.

Dr. Fulda's intellectual journey began in the mid-1990s with his interest in Taiwan's democratisation in the 20th century and the politics of factionalism in Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party. The island's unique position in the East Asian security architecture compelled Dr. Fulda to learn more about China engagement strategies in general and EU-China relations in particular. In 2000, he began his own China engagement with an internship at the German Embassy in Beijing.

By 2002 Dr. Fulda started his PhD which focused on the promotion of participatory development in China. Between 2002 and 2007 he worked simultaneously on his PhD at Free University Berlin, Germany and as a social development practitioner for German and Chinese development organisations in Beijing, China. He published his thesis as a monograph in October 2008. Dr. Fulda is currently working on his second monograph entitled "Social and Political Activism in China. How Citizen Activists Are Silently Shaping Chinese Democracy" (Routledge, forthcoming).

Dr. Fulda was appointed as a lecturer at the School of Contemporary Chinese Studies at The University of Nottingham in September 2007. His papers are published in internationally referred journals such as Critical Asian Studies, International Quarterly for Asian Studies, Political Science and Politics, and the Journal of Contemporary China. He has written commentaries and country profiles for the German media, e.g. Das Parlament, F.A.Z.-Institut, and IP Journal of the German Council on Foreign Relations and also regularly publishes opinion editorials for The Conversation, The Guardian, and China Daily.

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Expertise Summary

Dr. Fulda's research sheds light on the role of individuals, organisations and networks in social and political development processes in the Greater China region. Throughout his professional and academic career he has developed four research strands:

Social and political activism in China (2009-)

In his most recent research Dr. Fulda investigates the changing role of democracy promoters, public intellectuals, civil society practitioners, social entrepreneurs, policy advocates and consultants aiming to promote change in China. Dr. Fulda's research informs both co-authored journal articles as well as a single-authored monograph on social and political activism in China (Routledge, 2013).

Civil society building in China (2004-)

Dr. Fulda's ongoing work as social development practitioner in China has provided him with unique insights in the growth of China's nascent civil society sector. His forthcoming co-authored publication in the Journal of Contemporary China examines the strategic interaction between civil society and the party state and offers a critique of the network governance approach (JoCC, 2012).

China engagement strategies (2002-08)

Dr. Fulda's first monograph with the VS Verlag fuer Sozialwissenschaften informed a parliamentary debate in Berlin in 2008 about Germany's bilateral development aid to China. In a co-authored publication for the US journal Political Science and Politics he provided advise on how to bridge the gap between political science in the academy and the sphere of foreign policymaking (PS, 2011).

Political history of Taiwan (1996-2002)

During his undergraduate and postgraduate training Dr. Fulda investigated the dynamics behind political reform in Taiwan. Upon his graduation from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in 2001 he published two Taiwan-related articles in peer-reviewed journals: a study of the politics of factionalism within the Democratic Progressive Party (Internationales Asienforum, 2002) and a critical re-evaluation of Taiwan's democratisation process in the 20th century (Critical Asian Studies, 2002).

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