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Wyn Rees is a Professor in the School of Politics and International Relations. He teaches and researches in the broad field of International Relations and specialises in International Security. He was a Visiting Professor at the College of Europe, Bruges. Wyn Rees is a member of the British International Studies Association, the Political Studies Association and the University Association for Contemporary European Studies.

Expertise Summary

M12005 Global Security, second year module

M13018 Transatlantic Security Relations, third year module

M14088/89 Western Counter-terrorism, postgraduate module

Teaching Summary

Level 2 'Global Security' module

Level 3 'Transatlantic Security Relations' module

Postgraduate 'Western Counter-terrorism' module

Research Summary

The focus of my research is in security politics. Within this area my interests are threefold. First, contemporary European security and transatlantic relations, especially the debates surrounding… read more

Recent Publications

I am interested in supervising PhD students in the following areas:

US-European security cooperation since the end of the Cold War

Contemporary British security and defence policy

Anglo-American relations

Cooperation among Western countries against terrorism

Recent PhD students and successful completion dates (1st and 2nd supervisory roles):

Dimitrios Anagnostakis 2015

Ruike Xu 2015

Jana Jonasova 2016

Vladimir Rauta 2016

Aytac Kadiouglu 2017

Jalilu Ateku 2017

Maria Burczynska 2019

Alessandra de Angelis 2019

Pei Wang 2021

Peter Magill 2022

Current Research

The focus of my research is in security politics. Within this area my interests are threefold. First, contemporary European security and transatlantic relations, especially the debates surrounding institutional 'architecture'. Second is the area of postwar British security policy. The third area is international terrorism.

More information on these areas of research can be found at:

Current Research Projects

Wyn is currently working on a research project on the Anglo-American security relationship.

Past Research

My original doctoral thesis (awarded in 1994) was in the field of postwar British defence policy. In 1996 I expanded this project with archival research conducted in the United States and published this as a book with Macmillan Press. I continued to write in this subject and in 2001 I published a co-authored book entitled 'Britain and Defence 1945-2000' with S. Croft, A. Dorman and M. Uttley. My interests in British defence policy have led me to my current project on the Anglo-American security relationship.

In the field of European security and transatlantic relations I wrote a single authored book on the Western European Union in 1998 (Westview) and a co-authored book on the enlargement of European organisations (MUP, 1999). I went on to write a coauthored book with Dieter Mahncke and Wayne Thompson on transatlantic relations (MUP, 2004). In 2011 I published a book on the US-EU Security Relationship (Macmillan) and a coauthored book with Steve Marsh on European Union security (Routledge).

My work on non-military security led me to publish a coauthored book in 2003 with Jorg Monar and Valsamis Mitsilegas on the EU as an Internal Security actor (Macmillan). I followed this up in 2006 with a book on Transatlantic Counter-terrorism Cooperation (Routledge).

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