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Self-Cleaning in Public Procurement Law

self-cleaningCarl Heymanns, Edited by Hermann Pünder, Hans-Joachim Prieß, and Sue Arrowsmith
Nomos Verlagsges.Mbh, 2009
ISBN: 13:9783832960766

One of the key issues of current debate in public procurement is the extent to which self-cleaning can constitute a defence to exclusion or debarment from public procurement for misconduct.

This concept of self-cleaning refers to the cleansing of the company to rid itself of all the influences and structures that led to the misconduct and to ensure that is not repeated.

This new book, edited by Professor Hermann Punder, Professor Sue Arrowsmith and Hans-Joachim Priess, examines the concept of self-cleaning and its application in public procurement systems through a study of a number of jurisdictions, including Austria, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Israel and the USA.

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