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Public Procurement Regulation: an Introduction

Edited by Sue Arrowsmith

This text provides an introduction to the subject of regulating public procurement. It focuses, in particular, on principles and policies and on the approach to regulation adopted in the instruments of UNCITRAL, in particular the UNCITRAL Model Law on Procurement of Goods, Construction, and Services. The text is designed, in particular, as a text for students of the subject at university level, but will also be a useful introduction to the subject for lawyers, procurement officials and policy-makers. 

As explained on the cover page, the book was prepared as a part of a collaborative project in higher education, the EU Asia Inter University Network for Teaching and Research in Public Procurement Regulation 2009-2011, funded by the EU. This project involved several universities in Europe and Asia and has sought to promote and support the teaching of public procurement in Europe, Asia, and globally.  This text is one of five books produced under the auspices of the project that are designed to be used as resources in the teaching of public procurement law and regulation.

The main editors and chapter authors are listed on the cover pages, but it should be recognised that the text is a collaborative effort of all the partners to the extent that it has benefited from input by, and discussions between, many different persons at the different partner institutions. In addition to the authors and editors mentioned on the cover pages, the text has benefited from administrative, editing, and proof-reading by Gabor Soos, Debbie Yu, Elly Aspey, and Pamela Hoebling during their time as students at the University of Nottingham, and the project would like to acknowledge gratefully the assistance they have provided. 

The contents of the book are up to date as of July 2010. It has also been possible to include later developments in some parts of the book.

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