University of Nottingham

Student Statistics - Definitions


Registration Status

Registered: Registration document has been completed and a fee is payable


Level of Study

Postgraduate/PG: Enrolled on a course for which the normal entry qualification is a first degree or equivalent
Undergraduate/UG: Enrolled on a course for which the normal entry qualification is less than a first degree


Fee Status

Home: Students paying fees at the Home rate
EU: Non-UK European Union students paying fees at the Home rate
Island: Residents of the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man, who pay fees at the Island rate
Overseas: Non-EU International students paying fees at the Overseas rate
HEU: Home, EU and Island students
International: Overseas and EU students


Mode of Study

Full-time: Attends on a full-time basis for the whole or part of the academic year
Part-time: Attends on a part-time basis
Year out: Is registered and a fee is payable but studying away from the University. Includes language year abroad, all compulsory and some optional periods in industry.


Qualification Type

No award: Is registered for a course of study but is not aiming for a formal qualification. Includes incoming exchange students.
PGT: Postgraduate Taught students are those studying for a Masters, Postgraduate Diploma or Certificate qualification mostly by a taught method, although there may be a research element.
PGR: Postgraduate Research students are studying for a Masters or Doctoral qualification mostly by research, although there may be some taught elements.
UG: Undergraduate students who are studying for a first degree, UG Diploma or Certificate.


Campus Name Abbreviations 

UNMC - University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

UNNC - University of Nottingham Ningbo Campus


Which students are counted?

All students registered with the University of Nottingham on 1 December in the relevant academic session are included except:

  1. Students whose registration is in suspense
  2. Postgraduate Research students who are currently writing up their thesis
  3. Postgraduate Taught students who are currently in 'Extension to PGT dissertation'.
  4. Pre-sessional English courses taught by the Centre for English Language Education.

If any group of students is omitted from a particular analysis this is clearly indicated


Where does the data come from?

The University Student Record (SATURN) and databases held by the School of Education and the School of Nursing.

Additional information was taken from UCAS admissions statistics.