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The Creating the Energy for Change (C-tech) project launched their key findings to a wide ranging audience at the Digital Catapult in London

On Monday 26th June the C-tech project, led by Alexa Spence in Psychology, launched their findings and a toolkit for promoting energy saving in the workplace as part of the TEDDINET-Ctech Non-Domestic Energy Symposium. The Symposium brought together more than 40 researchers, industry stakeholders and policy-makers to share their experiences of energy and sustainability in non-domestic buildings, and to reflect on the contributions of the C-tech project.


The audience and expert panel lauded our attempts to explore the reality of energy management in organisations from several different perspectives, ranging from detailed observations of day-to-day life in real workplaces to rigorous experimental methods, and real deployments of novel technologies, communications and workshops.

The C-tech toolkit is hosted by the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) and is rooted in the academic findings of the project, translating these so that they are understandable to, and implementable by, a wider audience. This toolkit is particularly aimed at energy managers or energy champions in workplaces and aims to support building users in cooperating to save energy in the workplace.

The C-tech final report is available here.

Posted on Wednesday 5th July 2017

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