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Lizzy Sheppard

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science


Research Summary


I have a wide range of research interests relating to autism. At the moment much of my research focuses on the way in which non-autistic people perceive and misperceive autistic others, and the implications of this for outcomes or autistic people. I am also interested in what kind of beliefs people in the population hold about autism, and whether they differ across cultures.

Psychology of driving

I'm interested in cognitive processes involved in driving, including perceptual, attentional and decision-making processes. I'm particularly interested in how these processes differ between people who have learned to drive in environments where driver behaviour, accident and fatality rates dramatically differ: for instance, we have carried out a number of studies comparing drivers from the UK with drivers from Malaysia. I'm also interested in how other individual differences may influence performance within the driving domain, including how being autistic affects aspects of driving performance and driving outcomes.

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