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Eun Hee Lee

Assistant Professor,


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Dr Eun Hee Lee obtained her BSc Psychology and MSc Cognitive and Decision Sciences from University College London (UCL), United Kingdom 2010. After finishing her MSc degree, she pursued her PhD in University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, on the topic of Social Cognition, investigating the relationship between social power and perception of the physical environment. She finished her PhD in 2015 and joined a large interdisciplinary project funded by the government of Singapore (Ministry of National Development), exploring various psychological metrics associated with underground workspaces, as a deputy of Social Cluster/ Research Fellow at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. From June to October 2019, she worked with Korea Development Institute School of Public Policy and Management, South Korea, on the project 'Public Value Co-Creation in Open Government Data at the Local Level', specifically looking at the topic of Disinformation. Her current research interests are sustainability and livability, in which various psychosocial factors that are linked with physical (built environment, climate change) and digital environments (new media) are examined. She is also the representative of Malaysia in Asian Society for Architecture and Psychology.

Expertise Summary

Research Areas:

  • Built Environment
  • New Media Psychology
  • Climate Change Actions
  • E-Government
  • Social Cognition

Teaching Subjects:

  • Social Psychology (1st Year)
  • Social and Developmental Psychology (2nd Year)
  • Psychology and Sustainable Society (3rd Year)
  • Practical Methods for Psychology (2nd Year)
  • Final Year Project Supervision (3rd Year)

Recent Publications

  • LEE, KAR FYE ALVIN, LEE, EUN HEE, ROBERTS, ADAM CHARLES, CAR, JOSIP, SOH, CHEE KIONG and CHRISTOPOULOS, GEORGIOS, 2022. Effects of fun-seeking and external locus of control on smoking behaviour: a cross-sectional analysis on a cohort of working men in Singapore. BMJ open. 12(10), e061318
  • LEE, BYUNG-KWAN, LEE, EUN HEE and LEE, TAEJUN (DAVID), 2022. The effect of E-Government website evaluation on user satisfaction and intention to use: the mediating role of warmth and competence judgment on government INFORMATION COMMUNICATION & SOCIETY.
  • YAP, H.S., ROBERTS, A.C., LUO, C, TAN, Z., LEE, E.H., THACH, TQ, KWOK, K.W., CAR, J., SOH, C.K., CHRISTOPOULOS, G. I., 2021. The importance of Air Quality for Underground Spaces: an international survey of public attitudes. Indoor Air. 31(6), 2239-2251
  • LEE, E. H., & LEE, T., 2021. A Socio-Behavioral Approach to Understanding the Spread of Disinformation Asian Communication Research. 18(3), 168-187
  • TAN, Z., ROBERTS, A. C., LEE, E. H., KWOK, K.-W., CAR, J., SOH, C. K., & CHRISTOPOULOS, G., 2020. Transitional areas affect perception of workspaces and employee well-being: A study of underground and above-ground workspaces. Building and Environment. 179, 106840
  • LEE, E. H., LUO, C., SAM, Y. L., ROBERTS, A. C., KWOK, K. W., CAR, J., SOH, C., CHRISTOPOULOS, G. I., 2019. The underground work spaces questionnaire (UWSQ): Investigating public attitudes toward working in underground spaces. Building and Environment. 153, 28-34
  • TAN, Z., ROBERTS, A.C., LEE, E.H., CHRISTOPOULOS, G., KWOK, K. -W, CAR, J., SOH, C.K., 2018. Architectural design, perception, and health in underground working environments In: ACUUS 2018 16th World conference of the Associated Research Centers for the Urban Underground Space: Integrated Underground Solutions for Compact Metropolitan Cities, Conference Proceedings. 538-543
  • LEE, E. H., CHRISTOPOULOS, G. I., KWOK, K. W., ROBERTS, A. C., & SOH, C., 2017. A psychosocial approach to understanding underground spaces. Frontiers in Psychology. 8(452), 1-7
  • SOH, C., CHRISTOPOULOS, G. I., ROBERTS, A. C., LEE, E. H., 2016. Human-centered development of Underground work spaces Procedia Engineering. 165, 242-250
  • LEE, E. H., CHRISTOPOULOS, G. I., LU, M., HEO, M. Q. & SOH, C., 2016. Social aspects of working in underground spaces. Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology. 55, 135-145
  • ROBERTS, A.C., SOH, C.K., LEE, E.H., CAR, J., KWOK, K.W., 2016. Underground and windowless spaces: a neuroscience approach In: 2016 The Academic of Neuroscience for Architecture Conference..
  • LEE, E. H. & SCHNALL, S., 2014. The influence of social power on weight perception Journal of Experimental Psychology: General. 143(4), 1719-1725
  • SHANKS, D. R., NEWELL, B. R., LEE, E. H., BALAKRISHNAN, D., EKELUND, L., CENAC, Z., KAVVADIA, F., & MOORE, C., 2013. Priming intelligent behavior: An elusive phenomenon. PLoS One. 8(4), e56515

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