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I am a new Teaching Associate based within the School of Psychology. In my role, I lead and demonstrate on workshops, tutorials, and seminars. Additionally, I supervise final year project students and give lectures. Before this, I was a PhD student supervised by Dr Peter Chapman, and I completed this in August 2017. I also have a Masters degree in Brain Imaging with Cognitive Neuroscience, and a BSc in Psychology.

Expertise Summary

My research interests are focused within the field of driver behaviour, particularly with respects to emotion. During my PhD, I investigated the effects of both state and trait anxiety on road user behaviour. I did this using a series of behavioural, attentional, physiological, and neurological methods. This information allowed me to provide suggestions within my thesis for relaxation therapies and attentional training for those with high levels of state or trait anxiety respectively. The experiences I have obtained throughout my academic career also mean that I am able to conduct research in both laboratory and simulated environments.

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