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Megan Barnard

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science



I am a teaching-focused Assistant Professor based within the School of Psychology. I graduated from the University of Nottingham with a BSc in Psychology (2012), an MSc in Brain Imaging with Cognitive Neuroscience (2013), and a PhD in Psychology (2017). Within my current role, I am responsible for convening research and practical methods modules for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. I am also the lead academic for first year seminar coordination, and the 3rd year undergraduate tutor for the School.

Outside of my academic roles, I am also a Deputy Director of the Researchers of Statistics Education (RoSE) network. This is a free-to-join research network that discusses research on best practices in statistics education worldwide.

Expertise Summary

My research interests are focused on the impact of anxiety in everyday life. I am happy to supervise projects on any aspect of everyday but I particular focus on two main areas:

  • Driving Behaviour. My PhD looked at how trait and state anxiety may impact road user behaviour. I did this using a series of behavioural, attentional, physiological, and neurological methods. This information allowed me to provide suggestions within my thesis for relaxation therapies and attentional training for those with high levels of state or trait anxiety respectively. The experiences I have obtained throughout my academic career also mean that I am able to conduct research in both laboratory and simulated environments.
  • Statistics anxiety. I am particularly interested in how anxiety about studying statistics in Higher Education may lead to changes in behaviour and performance. I have conducted research across undergraduate and postgraduate populations to understand the impact specific factors, such as previous qualifications and attitudes, may impact these feelings and behaviours.

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