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Informing applicants about significant changes to a course of study before registration

This page provides guidance on how to communicate significant changes (to a course of study) to applicants before, and after, they have formally accepted an offer from the University. This information is primarily directed at staff based within the UK but may also be of interest to those at the international campuses.

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Includes: communications responsibility; types of changes

All communications with applicants regarding significant changes to a course must be undertaken by the appropriate Admissions Office/Faculty Office/School Office. These changes might include:

  • Closure
  • Suspension
  • Withdrawal or granting of professional accreditation
  • Significant changes to programme content
  • Changes in costs 

Accepted and unaccepted offers

Accepted offers

Applicants who have accepted offers should not be contacted until a closure/suspension recommendation has been accepted by Quality and Standards Committee (QSC). These applicants should then be informed of their options in regard to transferring their application to another course within the University or to another institution.

Unaccepted offers

Applicants who have been made offers, but have not yet accepted them, may however be contacted at an earlier stage to be informed that a closure/suspension recommendation has been made. Such applicants should be told that the offer of a place is suspended until a decision has been made and will be withdrawn if the recommendation is accepted.

Where relevant, UCAS should be notified by informing the University UCAS correspondent when the closure/suspension recommendation has been accepted by QSC.

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