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This page contains a record of the University's incoming Quality Manual policies (and amendments to current policies). Its content is primarily directed at staff but may also be of interest to students across all of the UK, China and Malaysia campuses. 

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Learning Community Fora

From September 2021 the Learning Community Forum (LCF) page will be updated to introduce the following documentation:

The updates will also include information relating to the appointment of student co-chairs at LCFs (alongside a member of staff), the appointment of a secretary (who is a member of staff), and an outline of LCF membership to ensure the student voice is raised correctly. 


Students studying in outside organisations - Research degrees only

From September 2021 all students studying for more than 4 weeks away from a Nottingham site (either UK or overseas) must inform Student Services about the arrangements for this, by completing the following document:

For more information relating to students studying in outside organisations please consult the following:

Students studying in outside organisations

If you have any problems or queries relating to this page, please email: Quality-Manual-Enquiries@nottingham.ac.uk  Email
This content was last modified on 23 July 2021

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