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Registration, attendance and study

This category contains regulations and guidance on student registration, attendance and study requirements. This includes information about changes of course and suspensions of study. These pages are relevant to staff and students across all of the UK, China and Malaysia campuses. This section does not apply to UoNO learners.

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Please note that students in the UK on a Student Route visa are also affected by the University's Policy on Immigration Sponsorship. Where academic policies and immigration policies seem to be contradictory, immigration policies will take precedence. For more information, please consult the following:

Immigration sponsorship 

Please be aware that due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, some of our pages and regulations have been amended as part of the University's mitigation efforts. Where this applies, it will be clearly indicated.

Pages within this category

Regulations governing registration   Flag of United Kingdom   Flag of China   Flag of Malaysia

Taught module enrolment and registering for additional credits

Regulations governing attendance and engagement   Flag of United Kingdom

Regulations governing attendance and engagement   Flag of China Flag of Malaysia

High Performance Athlete academic flexibility   Flag of United Kingdom

Changes of taught course

Voluntary interruption of study

Withdrawal from study

Guidance on non-registered statuses

Students required to withdraw on grounds of health and safety

Guidance on student employment during studies

Maximum period from initial registration for completion of studies

Emergency contact protocol

If you have any problems or queries relating to this page, please contact:

UNUK students Flag of United Kingdom 

Student Services

UNNC students Flag of China

UG and PGT students: Academic-Service-Office@nottingham.edu.cn Email

PGR students: GS-PGR@nottingham.edu.cn Email

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