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Withdrawal from Study

This page provides guidance on the process and associated implications that apply when a student  withdraws from their studies.  This information is relevant to staff and students across all of the UK, China and Malaysia campuses.

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Please note that students in the UK on a Student Route visa are also affected by the University’s Policy on Immigration Sponsorship. Where academic policies and immigration policies seem to be contradictory, immigration policies will take precedence. For more information, please consult the following:

Immigration sponsorship 


The term ‘withdrawal’ is a broad term which indicates the process by which a student may leave the University other than through the successful completion of their programme of study.  

Student withdrawals may take place for a variety of reasons. These reasons may be student-led (the student may choose to withdraw) or  University-led.  There are several different circumstances where the University may require a student to withdraw, for example as an outcome of a Progression and Award Board, or a disciplinary process; or that the student is assumed withdrawn as a result of non-attendance/non-engagement.

Process for student-led withdrawal

Where a student no longer wishes to continue with their programme of study, they may withdraw from the University.  Students considering withdrawal are advised to discuss their circumstances with their Personal Tutor and/or Course Director (or in the case of PGR students, with their Supervisor), who will be able to help the student decide if a withdrawal is the appropriate course of action, before submitting their withdrawal form, which can be found below.  


Effects of withdrawing from study

Includes: withdrawal; responsibilities of the student

When a student withdraws from their study, their registration and status with the University is cancelled and all relevant authorities (where known) will be informed.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that any sponsor or legal requirements are complied with when withdrawing. 

For apprentices, the Professional and Work-based Learning team will oversee the funding and contractual process.


Implications for the immigration status of international students 

Includes: Immigration, international students

Students who withdraw from study are advised to consult the Visa and Immigration Team for immigration advice before submitting their withdrawal form to the relevant Student Service Centre or equivalent office. 

For more information, please consult the following:

Help with your visa Flag of United Kingdom


Funding issues

Includes: Financial implications; University-led withdrawal

Withdrawal from the University will have financial implications in relation to, for example, funding to the University, fees due to the University, maintenance loans stipend or other funding that a student receives.  Schools should always remind students of the need to consult their funding body, the Funding team and the Fees and Charges team (UK) and the Finance Office (Malaysia) before withdrawing from their programme of study. 

For more information, please consult the following:

Funding and financial support  Flag of United Kingdom

Fees and payments  Flag of United Kingdom

Student Services Centre  Flag of Malaysia

For apprentices (UK), withdrawal of study will be managed and reported to the Education and Skills Funding Agency by the Professional Work-based Learning team. 

University-led Withdrawal 

Students may be withdrawn from their programme of study and the University for a variety of reasons: 

  • Outcome of the fitness to practise process
  • Failure to abide by University Regulations (e.g. non-payment of fees)
  • External compliance issues (e.g. UKVI regulations)
  • Student fails (or ceases) to attend or engage in their programme, according to Academic Regulations
  • Student fails to arrive or enrol for their studies in the academic year
  • Death of a student

The process for withdrawal in these circumstances can be found in the relevant sections of the Quality Manual.

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