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Module design and approval

This page contains a step-by-step guide for the introduction of a new module. Its contents are primarily directed at staff, but they may also be of interest to students across all of the UK, China and Malaysia campuses.

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Schools intending to introduce a new module should a) complete the New Module Information Template b) seek School level approval for the new module, and c) submit the New Module Information Template to Curriculum Leads in Registry and Academic Affairs. New Modules will be approved by Curriculum Leads in Registry and Academic Affairs if they are in line with the requirements for module specifications, otherwise they will be referred for consideration on behalf of Quality and Standards Committee (QSC) to the Curriculum Approvals and Advisory Team in Registry and Academic Affairs.

Schools have a duty to consult with any other schools that are likely to have a legitimate interest in the creation of the module, e.g. if the subject matter of the new module has any overlap with provision in another School.

For more information about creating a new module, please consult the following:

Module specification guidance


Conditions for a new UK-based module approval submission   Flag of United Kingdom

In submitting a new UK-based module for approval, the following conditions apply:

  • That the school indicates the existing module which is being withdrawn and replaced by the new module;
  • That the school indicates the new programme of which the new module forms an integral part;
  • That the new module runs concurrently with an existing module and there will be no additional associated timetabling and assessment activities; or 
  • That the new module is a dissertation or project or individual reading module with no additional resource requirements (that is, timetabling, assessment or facilities)

Where none of the above circumstances exist, the school will need to make a case to Quality and Standards Committee (QSC) for the module to be approved, citing the significant institutional interests served by the module.


Additional information

Includes: Registry and Academic Affairs; Campus Solutions; Curriculum Updating

Schools will be provided with clear information about deadlines in advance of the curriculum updating cycle. 

Module information in Campus Solutions is used for relevant central processes and will be published in the Online Module Catalogue.



If you have any problems or queries relating to this page, please email: ss-curriculumadvice@nottingham.ac.uk  Email
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