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Future Food

In the face of climate change we must develop new, resilient crops. Yields must also increase to feed the additional two billion people expected by 2050. Better access to healthier, safer, more nutritious food is needed in all countries due the growing prevalence of pollutants, nutrient deficiencies and over-processed foods.

Future Food addresses the challenge of feeding a growing population in a changing world.

Exploring new ways of feeding the world

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Our researchers have expertise across the food chain – from soil to molecule to meal – to deliver sustainable solutions to global food challenges such as ‘hidden hunger’: less diverse diets, naturally low nutrients in our staple crops, and an increasing reliance on over-processed foods mean that more than a quarter of the world population are not getting the goodness they need from what they eat.

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Meet some of our experts

Professor David Salt
Future Food Director and Professor of Genome Enabled Biology

Professor Malcolm Bennett
Molecular Mechanistic Discovery lead and Professor of Plant Biology

Professor Tim Foster
Food Processing and Manufacture lead and Professor in Food Structure

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