Ramiro Alberio

Professor Ramiro Alberio

Professor of Developmental Biology

Phone: +44 (0) 115 951 6304


Ramiro’s is a member of the Future Food leadership team. His research is focused on understanding how cell fate decisions are made during development of mammalian embryos. Ramiro uses single cell transcriptomics combined with gene editing to reveal the mechanisms that control cell fate specification during early development in domestic animals. This research has led to the development of new methodologies for the derivation of embryonic stem cells in domestic animals, which have great potential for enhancing genetic selection of livestock, as well as for the generation of lab-grown food products, such as meat.     

Professor Alberio graduated as veterinarian from La Plata University (Argentina), and completed his PhD in Munich (Germany). During his postdoc under supervision of Prof. Keith Campbell at the University of Nottingham he developed novel methods of cellular reprogramming. His laboratory employs assisted reproduction, embryology and developmental biology approaches to understand the genetic basis of cell differentiation and animal development.


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