marcus kaiser

Marcus Kaiser

Professor of Neuroinformatics


I studied biology and computer science, did a PhD in Neuroscience, and am now Professor of Neuroinformatics, working on computational approaches to inform diagnosis and interventions for brain network or connectome disorders. My research interest is to developed novel ways for brain stimulation, informed by neuroimaging and computer models, to improve cognition in health and disease.

I am actively promoting the use of simulations and models in the areas of computational neurology and computational psychiatry. I lead Neuroinformatics UK, representing more than 600 researchers in the field, and am member of the editorial boards of Network Neuroscience and PLOS Computational Biology.

My current work is focused on predicting the effects of brain stimulation, either invasive approaches such as optogenetics or stimulation through implanted electrodes or non-invasive approaches such as focused ultrasound stimulation. For this, I use a combination of techniques from machine learning and network analysis to computer simulations. The aim is to improve the treatment of brain disorders and mental health conditions. 



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