Disruptive technology

We are exploring the potential of disruptive technologies and challenging accepted thinking. 

To create and demonstrate real value, it’s vital we strengthen the connections between all the elements of the Beacon. That will enable us to spearhead innovation and lead to successful – and sustainable – outcomes. 

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Synergy lead

Lead researcher:  Seamus Garvey

Our synergy lead will give a cross-sectorial view of Beacon technology elements and innovation stream spearheading. He will provide plans for each one of three innovative propulsion systems and forge links in the aerospace sector.

Electrochemical storage devices

Lead researchers:  Lee Johnson, Darren Walsh, Graham Newton

We will develop a range of technologies, including current generation batteries, next-generation batteries, ultra high-energy supercapacitors, photovoltaics and redox flow batteries. 



Lead researchers: David Grant, Gavin Walker   

We will develop a range of new materials and approaches for hydrogen energy storage, compressing hydrogen using metal hydrides and energy scavenging devices. This will include large scale demonstrators and linkage through fuel cells to controllers and electric drives in our Advanced Propulsors vision.

Slot die coater

Lead researcher: Lee Johnson

The slot die coater allows an important alternative to spin coating to give control over film thickness. This increases the capacity for varying deposition, boosting device performance.


Spark plasma sintering

Lead researcher:  Ming Li

Spark plasma sintering offers many advantages over conventional sintering systems, including greatly reduced sintering temperatures and much shorter sintering periods. It offers entirely new possibilities to manufacture a wide range of materials with extraordinary characteristics; it will open up a variety of new research areas and significantly enhance the manufacturing capability of Beacon devices.

Liquid plasma processing platform

Lead researcher:  Tanvir Hussain

We will deliver a one-of-a-kind suspension plasma spray facility in the UK, supported by major industrial partners including Rolls-Royce, Federal-Mogul, Jaguar Land Rover, GKN, Safran, BAE systems, and Formula One racing companies.

It will provide thermal barrier coatings and insulation, and protective and de-icing strategies for both electrical and structural components. 



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