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Discovering and exploring new, viable materials, components and technologies is at the heart of what we do. But to prove commercial viability, we need to be able to showcase our research through high impact demonstrators

We have a series of projects dedicated to demonstrators that will deliver high visibility and lasting impact – as well as paving the way to prove commercial viability. 

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Air Race E

Lead researcher: Richard Glassock

The electrified racing aeroplane will become the unifying platform for the development and promotion of a cleaner, faster, more efficient electric aircraft.

With input from technical partners and test pilots, it will provide the perfect high-performance testbed for technology development as well as filling a much-needed role in the industry – akin to how automotive motorsports serve to the automotive industry. 

RExMoto phase one

Lead researcher: Richard Glassock

This project incorporates a hybrid electric motorcycle into an electric aircraft. 

The ultimate aim is to develop the RExMoto prototype and lead to a spinout company to market the commercial product. Department of Transport funding was awarded in August 2018 to progress this project. Even if this aim is not fully achieved, the technology, process and publicity acquired along the way will put us firmly in a position to achieve a flight demonstrator.


Hybrid electric VTOL capable UAV

Lead researcher: Richard Glassock   

Our aim is to produce a flying technology demonstrator to showcase cutting-edge research on hybrid, turbo-electric and distributed propulsion applied to a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capable unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). 

The aircraft can be fitted with several types of propulsion system, which will demonstrate all the main topics of interest in modern hybrid and electric propulsion research. 

Validation of low weight, high energy density power train

Lead researcher: Miquel Gimeno-Fabra

This demonstrator project supported the completion and validation of the first Nottingham prototype low weight, high energy density AC motor, by doubling the power density of the motor of an electric motorbike.

Our eBike achieved an impressive second at the Isle of Man TT Zero, averaging close to 120 mph – the second highest average speed for an electric bike ever. The eBike also raced at Pikes Peak in the USA.


Aerospace demonstrator lead

Lead researcher: Richard Glassock

This project will deliver a flying technology demonstrator that showcases our cutting-edge research. 

The work builds on already established projects and prospects that have high visibility and merit for leading industrial, research and educational agendas, principally within the propulsion domain but including materials, structures, human factors and operations. We’ll also investigate and exploit new opportunities as they arise.

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