Kate Garbers

Rights Lab Senior Research Fellow in Policy Evidence and Survivor Support (currently on maternity leave 2023/24)


Kate Garbers (Social Sciences) works as part of the Rights Lab’s Health and Communities Programme on several research projects aimed at providing robust evidence for better policy-making. She recently completed a project about the benefits of work for modern slavery survivors, and the harm caused by not working, as part of collaboration between the Rights Lab and the Office of the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner. Currently she is completing a project in partnership with the Anti-Slavery Commissioner's office about the retrafficking of modern slavery survivors in the UK, and collaborating with colleagues in the Rights Lab's Communities and Society Programme on rapid research about local communities and vulnerability to modern slavery. Kate is a Founder and former Director of the antislavery NGO Unseen. As part of her Directorship, she contributed to the strategic and operational direction of the charity as part of Unseen’s leadership team and held responsibility for the organisation's survivor support services, research and development. She spent the last ten years working directly with survivors, law enforcement agencies and governments on how to effectively tackle the issue of trafficking and modern slavery.

Research Projects

Access to Work for Victims of Slavery and Trafficking

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