Allergy and Infectious Diseases


Our reinforcements from Brazil have arrived!

The Allergy and Infectious Disease group has been substantially bolstered by the arrival of Naiara Tavares, Izabella Batista and Dr Karina Barbosa from Belo Horizonte in September 2016. Dr Cristina T. Fonseca will join us later in the year.

The work will focus on characterising several Schistosoma mansoni kinases as new drug targets, and will include crystallography and drug screening, in collaboration with Prof Jonas Emsley and Dr Lodewjik Dekker, both here in Nottingham, and Dr Marina Mourao from Fiocruz in Belo Horizonte, who will be visiting us on a regular basis to discuss progress.

This exchange is funded by a generous grant and bilateral agreement between CAPES and the University of Nottingham. CAPES is a public foundation within the Ministry of Education which amongst other things has provided the majority of grants and scholarships to Brazilian scientists since 1951.

We are tremendously looking forward to this new focus on identifying new drugs for treatment of Schistosomiasis and are hoping to learn some Portuguese by the 'full  immersion' technique as an aside!

Posted on Wednesday 7th September 2016

Allergy and Infectious Diseases

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